30th December 2014

Well, it’s two weeks today until we fly away, and I’ve already been “retired” nearly a week! Charlotte finished work yesterday, and she’s incredibly excited, whereas I’ve started to panic about packing up the house and how we’re going to be ready to go! I know we will be ready, but it’s become quite daunting with the amount of prep we still have to do! And also, for someone who’s never really worried about money it’s suddenly become very real that I won’t have another pay packet for another 13 months! Then, just as a Christmas bonus in the “pile of Paul’s worries” it seems that all I read about is planes dropping out of the sky! Can you imagine how much Valium this is going to require, just to get me to Rio?????

And Charlotte’s been trying to teach me how to use this blog site, and it’s bloody hard work! All in all, I’m pretty stressed!

I am of course dealing with all these issues in the usual fashion – Stella and Bombay Sapphire.