2nd January

Now 10 days to go! And after a few days of panic and worry, I woke up feeling really good about the trip and raring to go! So it’s been a very busy day – Charlotte’s car to the garage for service first thing, ready for going to it’s new home at Sarah and Shelley’s, then to the tip with 12 million empty bottles of Stella. Into town for haircut (exciting blog, yes??!!) and then the Post Office to order our first lot of Brazilian Reals! I then thought it was only prudent to check that all was well in the Pitcher and Piano with a very swift Guinness before settling back at home and working thru the remaining cases of Stella – it’s all got to go!

Then there’s been a change of personnel of visitors at our place – Ali, Harry, Eva and Connor have moved out to a hotel, and Laurence and Sam have arrived to take their place. Fortunately Ali has just arrived back to carry on cooking dinner! Ali (Charlotte’s sister) is benefitting from being gifted my car for good. However, very annoyingly, the major fault with it that meant I gave it to her instead of selling it to her, seems to have resolved itself as soon as she got in it! Doh!!

All in all, a very nice day so far, and just building ourselves up for a BIG DRINK tomorrow!

And yes, I will try and make this blog far more entertaining in the future, but I think we’ll have to wait till we actually leave! And lots of drunken photos tomorrow!

Cheers everybody!

Finally, a lesson learnt – do not write your wills when the benefactors are in the same room! This just leads to discussions on how to kill you!! We’ll be lucky to get thru the night!!