6th January

Right, 4 days till we leave the flat and 7 days till we fly. The pressure is very much on now, and we’re full on with tasks. I say we, but in reality Charlotte is doing 99% of everything, as it has become quite apparent that I am useless. It all started with having to change addresses with various banks (I like to spread my debts around) and the impossibility of it all. Yes, I know that the internet is probably the greatest invention of mankind, but now it is practically impossible to speak with a real person. Bloody frustrating! And as for the Barclaycard voice recognition system, quite simply, it’s crap!  So I am being kept busy with menial tasks (I’ve been to the tip with another 12 million empty bottles of Stella, no idea where they’re coming from?)’ which reminds me – has someone warned the Brahma brewery in Brazil to take on extra staff for the next four weeks? Actually, I’m sure Charlotte probably has done, she’s so efficient.

We were in town earlier, doing our daily visits to the banks to sort out incompetence, when Charlotte suggested lunch. I said yes, anywhere as long as it involves a pint. And now I’ve been let out of the house again to buy a headphones-splitter, with the instructions to “come straight back”. But I’ve had to walk past the P and P on my way, so just one little pint while I compose this latest missive. I’m sure when she reads it in five minutes my phone will be ringing…..

Sadly we booked our final flight home today, Bangkok to Manchester on December 2nd with BA. I was sort of hoping we might not have to do that….. (This was of course subjected to Barclaycard declining the transaction initially due to security checks. Mind you I’ve only told them 46 times what our plans are, so they probably keep forgetting…….)

The leaving party last Saturday was just brilliant! It was wonderful to see so many of our friends there! Apologies to anyone I didn’t get around to, but it was just so busy! But seriously, our huge thanks to all of you for coming, it really made our day!

Right, back to some more menial tasks now……