Calm again……

After a week of ridiculous bureaucracy and stress and consistent poor service from Barclaycard, I’ve finally chilled out! And the answer was….. go for a run! The previous entries might have made everyone think that I just spend all my time in the pub, or standing outside with a Marlboro in my mouth. This isn’t strictly true, as that only accounts for 80% of my time! Despite that, I am an avid runner and road cyclist. My running this year has been brilliant – I’ve done the Geneva Marathon in May, and then two Ultra Marathons on consecutive days in June (The Wall, 32 miles on Saturday, 37 on Sunday, along Hadrian’s Wall with the very beautiful Shelley Owens). I run 4+ times a week, generally between 5 and 15 miles each time. I also cycled the 125 mile stage 1 of the Tour de France route with the fittest man in the world, Steve Trudgeon. Running and cycling have been a huge part of my life for several years now, and I am a strong believer that these sports should be prescribed by GPs to everyone! It is the greatest stress-reliever there is! Anyway, I had a brilliant 7 mile run this morning starting in bright sunshine and ending in torrential hail. Loved it! And half way through it just came to me – What are you worried about? All will work out, just chill and get on with it. So I have. And life is easier again!

Also making life easier is Charlotte, who has now become a full time travel agent! She’s booking hostels and apartments all over the world and doing an amazing job. My outlook on this trip was to pretty much get to Brazil, then wing it. Charlotte has other ideas, and everything is looking pretty organised now, which is actually very good. It probably means that we’ll actually be sleeping in beds every night rather than on the floor of bus stations….. And several months ago Charlotte bought a load of zip-up packing cubes for organising her backpack. I of course said this was a complete waste of money. However, Charlotte today showed me her tiny pile of packing (for an entire year) and I actually said “Very good, but what about your clothes?”. And the clothes were there in the packing cubes! I am actually very very impressed (as I usually am with my wife), and once again was forced to eat humble pie. I imagine that will happen often this year…..

Finally, this afternoon I was able to have a couple of small pints with my dear dear friends Peter and Jane Hopkins, and as an added bonus found Dave and Clover also in the pub! Brilliant! It was like a small Tannin Level reunion! Pete and Jane’s daughter Jenni has just returned to Wellington, NZ, where she lives and works as a volcanologist (is that the right word?) and so we’ll definitely be trying to see her when we’re over there. Wonderful to see you all today chaps! Be good while I’m away!

Right, Charlotte has insisted that I sign off these updates by making it clear which one of us has written it as she wouldn’t want people to think she was responsible for some of this drivel. So, tight lines from Mr R!


The end of 69 miles running……..