Lady Blog (day -5)

So a lot of you have been asking when Mrs R is going to add something to the blog…women’s equality and all that!! Well here I am. Still alive and not at the Pitcher and Piano (I do wonder if they will close down this year due to lack of Rock monies going into the till!)

Bear with*……I’m not used to writing a blog but will give it a go!

Thought I’d share 10 things I’ve learnt this week…..
1) there is a load of bureaucracy prior to travelling…….not the least from credit cards who can’t understand the fact you might want to use their card when you are away?!
2) you spend sooooo much money just prior to going……! On all the little things
3) working out the options about mobile phones abroad is a bloody nightmare!
4) we are very excited but also apprehensive (yes we often think we may have lost the plot)….. Bring on the tent on the stray in 12 months time
5) whatever I’ve said I just can’t do the ‘mixed dorm” or even the ‘dorm’ yet…….it’s a age thing! (Maybe that’ll change when I have no money left!!)
6) why have I never discovered packing cubes before?!
7) Family and friends are so precious (but you all knew that)
8) when you give Mr R a blog to play with……he has a lot to say (when he could have been packing and organising) and not many photos……..
9) how soon you get out of work mode!! How did I ever find time to work?!
10) I can pack less than my husband! Result!

C’est la vie!
Mrs R

*miranda reference !

Studley Royal nr Ripon, Yorkshire

Studley Royal nr Ripon, Yorkshire