Reading time……

One of the greatest things for me about this year is that I have been granted the gift of time. That’s time to relax, to enjoy, to rest, in fact time to do anything. I’m really looking forward to having the time to read. My leaving present from work was a large amount of Amazon vouchers with which I’ve been able to download loads of Kindle books. I’m actually excited about reading them! I love reading! So, in South America we’ve got a couple of bus rides of 18hrs duration (!!!!!). And I see these as great chances to sit and read, with some chilled music on my headphones! Whereas as most people would probably see it as a drag.


Above is is a snapshot of just a few of the books I’ve got. They tend to revolve around my rock musician idols, cycling, running and history. Oh yes, and  I’ve  just downloaded Russell Brand’s Revolution on Bruce’s advice!

2 days till we leave the flat. Taking Josh back to Uni tomorrow. Then it’ll really feel like we’re off!

Anyway, enough of that. Charlotte is going out with Samantha at 4pm for a girly night, so I suspect that within 30 seconds of her leaving myself and Josh will wander down to the P and P, just to make sure that all is well there……..