Homeless and happy!!!!

Today we moved out of our lovely flat in Harrogate. We’ve had a fantastic 9 months living in the centre of town (one minute’s walk from P and P!) and will definitely look to getting another town centre flat when we return. We had the magnificent Rocket Removals doing the move and storing all our belongings. They have moved us twice now and are the hardest working lads I’ve known. And easily the best price in Harrogate. Highly recommended!!!

And now that we’re homeless, everything seems a lot easier! No more decisions to make! We’ve got two nights in the Harrogate Brasserie, and have been pleasantly surprised by the great studio apt we have with balcony! (Always handy for a smoker!). There was a bottle of prosecco waiting for us, and we’re quite happily spending the evening lazing in bed, reading and watching telly! We both feel fully relaxes after a hard week!

In fact I’ve just finished my first “year off” book – Light And Shade: Conversations With Jimmy Page. Great book about one of my guitar heroes. Led Zeppelin are my all time favourite band, and I’ve got over 18 hrs of their music downloaded on Spotify . Being a little bit anal (you’ll recognise this more as the year goes on) I’ve had great pleasure listening to all their albums while reading Jimmy talk about them! Oh how the winter nights fly by……….!

I’ve already started the next book which is Run Or Die: The Inspirational Memoires Of The World’s Greatest Ultra Runner about Kilian Jornet. He is just incredible! You should all read it!

We took Josh back to Uni yesterday, which was slightly traumatic, but on the positive side it’s only 24 weeks till we meet him in Sydney!! I think he’s secretly looking forward to being looked after by his two new beautiful mums Shelley and Sarah!!

So we’ve just seen the forecast for the next week here. Β Looks horrendous!!!!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ I’m pleased to see that when we arrive in Rio the temperature’s dropping to 36 degrees……



A gratuitous picture of Mrs R in bed……