The Last Suppers!!!!

Today started in The Harrogate Brasserie with a magnificent full imageimagecooked breakfast! I of course took the opportunity to accompany it wit h a Swiss breakfast of cheese, ham, and a variety of cooked meats! (this happens often, and for 25 years I have used the excuse that I lived and worked in Switzerland for some time, which is true). Then to the flat to meet the auditor who was very nice. So nice in fact that I was surprised to find he was married. To a woman.

More business after that to go and hand over several million pounds to have our meagre possessions stored in a shed for a year…….

And then off to Leeds to see Mum and Dad for the last time for a while! Good to see that Mum was in good form, and we were all able to go to the Roundhay Fox for lunch. A lovely lunch, and brilliant company. I managed to hold it all together until we drove to the end of the street and then the windscreen seemed to mist over a little……. But all is good now, and can’t wait to see them both in December!!!

Back to Harrogate to hand over Charlotte’s car to Shelley and Sarah! So, we’ve given them a car AND a son!!!! Very very funny when Shelley’s lovely mum Linda took mine and Ken’s (Shelleys Dad) photo in the car with the roof down! Bloody great!

So it then felt very strange – I don’t have a single key on me! Which means I own nothing!!!! Can’t ever remember life without a key?!?!?!

We’ve also done loads more bookings of accommodation today (ok, so Charlotte has) and booked the Macchu Picchu trip. Net result = heading towards skint ness! Bloody hell, it’s not cheap this travelling thing! We have no idea how the students afford this!!!!

Another emotional occasion this evening – my last couple of pints in the P and P!!! And I even finished off with a Mojhito (it was free), before retiring to the Brasserie again with our very very best friends Brett and Samantha! A few pints, a cheeseboard, and the best friends any one could have! Thank you Sam and Brett!! Sam and Charlotte will miss each other a lot, but Brett’s memory is so bad he won’t notice I’m gone…   😃

And tomorrow the adventure starts!!!!!!!!!!!!

photo insertion has obviously gone horribly wrong but, hey ho, no worry!!!