Free Bar!!!!!!!!!!!!

We travelled down to London on Tuesday by train where we stayed the night with David, Belinda, Sam and Lucy (Dave is my brother, his wife Belinda and kids). As always a very pleasant evening spent around the kitchen table with copious amounts of beer and wine and good food and company! I had a few surprises – first a phone call from Dave Taylor (DT) wishing us a great trip, then a visit from our eldest son Sam, and finally a completely unexpected visit from Hugh! Just brilliant! Myself, brother Dave, DT and Hugh have for several years gone away on walking/trekking/foolish expeditions generally involving some sort of disaster! These have ranged from the Cairngorms (blizzard conditions and the most uncomfortable night ever endured in a tent), the highest mountain in Romania, Moldovenu (which I fell off after following particularly negligent advice from Dave, narrowly avoiding certain death, and having a lengthy spell off work on crutches….) and the highest mountain in Spain (tent ripped to bits by a mountain fox at 10,000 feet, sub zero temperatures. While me and Dave were in it. The second most uncomfortable night ever endured in a tent). So I was a little put out to discover that this year, my year of absence, they’re planning to go walking on the Greek island of Andros! In the sun! Bloody wimps, I mean what could possibly go wrong there……


Dave, Hugh, me

Obviously it was as good as ever to see our Sam,and I strongly suspect that we will be seeing him on foreign shores at least once over the next 12 months. In fact he had been due to be at a photo shoot in Rio at the same time as us but that’s been sadly cancelled.

All in all, an excellent night!

So I’m currently writing this from the sanctuary of the Skyteam Lounge at Heathrow T4! Affording ourselves a touch of luxury, we bought Priority Passes that give us access to the lounges worldwide for the whole year! Now, I’ve never been in airport lounges before (I am a cheap traveller) but this is magnificent!!! Why haven’t I done this before??? As well as peace and quiet, comfortable chairs, showers, a free hot and cold buffet, there’s a free bar!!!! Not only is it a free bar, but it’s self service too! Free pour bottles of gin! I am in heaven! Luckily we got here early with nearly 3 hours to the flight!!!! One day into the trip and it’s already my best holiday ever!!



Next up, 14 hrs on a plane! Bring it on!!!!

cheers everybody!!