More bottoms!!!!!

I don’t want to labour the point, and I suspect that this may be the last time I’m allowed to discuss bottoms before Mrs R puts a veto on it, but this is the world capital of the finely tuned female derrière!!! Rio should be renamed Bottomsville! It is absolutely magnificent, and even Charlotte has at times passed comment on a particularly fine example of arse as it squeaks past us! Anyway, another day at the beach today, this morning at Copacabana and this afternoon at Ipanema, with lunch and a 2hr siesta in between. I’m really surprised at how cheap it is, considering these are two of the most popular tourist beaches in the world. For example, at Copacabana, 2 sun loungers and a parasol is £4. In total. For the entire day! And beers on the beach are between £1 and £1.50! Could you imagine that in France where a half a pint costs you 2 weeks wages??? I’m suitably impressed!

Ipanema was much busier, and we stayed there til 8pm to see the beautiful sunset. Thousands of people gather for this every evening, and clap when the sun disappears…… Now, I’m not the world’s greatest optimist, but I’m fairly convinced that the sun will indeed appear again tomorrow……

Due to some better clothing choices I managed to avoid flashing my bits at either beach, though it’s fair to say Charlotte got very close to showing a full moon after a particularly fierce wave! However, as well as our bathroom we have an outdoor shower on the roof terrace and I seem to have slipped very comfortably into naked showering, despite the overlooking apartments!

I’ve been quite sensible by my standards and kept out of the sun a lot of the time. After all, there’s no rush for a tan with a year ahead of us. But I still seem to be achieving the colour known to Dulux as British Lobster Pink. I’m really looking forward to one day maybe not looking English…..

We’ve decidedthat  we’ll start our “travelling” on Monday, and till then treat it as a holiday, so 2 more days of beaches and bottoms!!!! Hurray!!!

Take care everyone!!!!!

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