‘Bottomgate’……to thong or not to thong that is the question?!

So my husband of late has become fascinated with all things Brazilian ……. And all we ve done so far is visit the beaches of Rio…..Some travel blog this is turning out to be. He doesn’t want to leave here. I’m sure if he asked for payment for further photos he could start to make some cash (this may be something to seriously consider if we run out of money!)

I suppose you are all wondering what my thoughts are (well the women will be)

1) What I would like to say about the women of Brazil is they certainly have no hang ups about their derrière …just get the thong on and go……the smaller the piece of material the better. However don’t anyone dare show a bosom……..! Not sure I quite understand this rationale but I’ll go with it at present. Now much like other british women……I have always had some concerns about the rear view…..but after the last few days I’m seriously reconsidering the way forward. They are proud of their bodies…small, large, medium, spotty (yes…really!!!). Normal sized bikinis are a rarity …….. Spot the European on the beach is easy! Bottoms are best is the trademark. However, bending over with dignity with a thong on just doesn’t cut the mustard that well (the women reading this will appreciate what I mean)

2) Waxing….What I would like to know (being the woman) is the amount of money that is being made on the waxing front?! It must be a goldmine out here. 24/7 business opportunity. Surely they’re not doing their own waxing……….(slightly uncomfortable face pull!)

3) To thong or not to thong…..do I take the plunge (good word!) and join in or is it just a Rio thing to thong?!? It’s a year of trying new experiences and all that. Though not sure I want to get to another beach, put thong on and be left the only one with her bum on show! Certainly its not going to be a done thing outside of Brazil that’s for sure……? Not sure it would go down well in Scarborough (though might be quite funny to try!)

So do I follow the trademark ‘when in Rome…….’ Or not? Votes please

Mrs R

PS there are beautiful male rears out here….. as well as their lovely bodies on show….however I wanted to keep some dignity throughout the blog!!! (Mr R take note!)

PPS Yes….I’m am soooo disappointed I missed the Mr R nudity show when the waves took his pants off! Gutted……!

4 thoughts on “‘Bottomgate’……to thong or not to thong that is the question?!

  1. They didn’t make up the ‘when in Rome’ saying for no reason! 😉
    Go for it!
    Loving the blogs from you both xx
    I would be voting for some equality in pics of the male rears but I fear these may come incased in budgie smugglers and I can’t bear the thought………! Lots of love to you both xx


  2. Charlotte, your Mother would have done it, so would mine so come on girl don’t let the family exhibitionist trait down on the first leg! Be loud and proud it’s not wrong to thong! Xx besides which you have the best bottom in our family xx


  3. We got your postcard yesterday and now we have become avid readers of your exploits in foreign parts. Keep up the good work and have loads of fun.


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