The Rules According To Mrs Rock…….

Beer of the day! A much more reasonable 600ml!

Beer of the day! A much more reasonable 600ml!

Did my morning run again today, getting slightly better, up to just over 4 miles now before meltdown! Really enjoying that!

Had to do a bit of washing last night and this morning in preparation for today’s move. My technique with washing is to stand fully clothed in the shower, gradually undress, then trample on them for a few minutes as if I’m treading grapes. An hour later they’re dry. Charlotte has a completely different technique which involves hard labour and soap. It’ll never catch on……

Before moving to our new hostel I was issued with a set of rules. This happens wherever we go, and I don’t really blame Charlotte, as the consequences of no rules have been seen time and time again.  I know that Sarah does the same to Shelley, as neither me nor Shelley can be trusted when alcohol is around!! Anyway, basically only two rules, aimed at preventing disaster and embarrassment when moving to a hostel, with a bar, and surrounded by young travellers:

1. Remember you are 45 years old, not 18. You will be older than their parents.

2. It is not necessary to stay up drinking until 4am with your new friends in order to (a) be sociable or (b) to prove that you can drink any public school boy knob head under the table.

Well, let’s just wait and see!

So we got to Santa Teresa by underground and taxi. You can imagine what sort of state I was in when we arrived in 38 degree heat lugging a huge rucksack. The receptionist didn’t know whether to show me into our room, or to mop me up with a sponge and put me in the fridge. No improvement on the sweating front. We’re at The Terra Brasilis hostel which is excellent. Nice big private room with overhead ceiling fans in lieu of air conditioning. The shower is amazingly powerful. Santa Teresa is a very arty bohemian area at the top of a very steep hill. It’s like stepping back 70 years, a bit like turning off the M62 and descending into Halifax. I’m going to have to remember I’m back in the mix of the public now, as I’ve got very used to wandering around naked at the apartment and on our terrace! (I can just picture Shelley being sick now). I’m not sure that would go down too well here……

The Rio Daily Times – “British man arrested in shock naked terror, blames a family history of forgetfulness “. Is it any wonder Charlotte has rules……

We’ve had a walk around, and took the opportunity to have a beer in a nice bar. Now, beer. I’m experiencing a completely alien concept to me – sharing beer. I mean why on earth would anyone want to share their beer??? However, it’s grown on me. Obviously it’s due to the constant blistering heat, and so you get a large bottle between you, and pour it into very small glasses, before putting it in a cooler. As you can imagine, Charlotte doesn’t do particularly well out of this deal as I am self proclaimed chief-beer-pourer. Well, you couldn’t have a woman in charge of that could you?

Our nearest local shop is fantastic! It sells predominantly beer and cheese, AND has a bar in it! Bloody Marys for £2!!!!! and they speak a bit of English! There’s small rickety tables outside with old men sat drinking and eating tapas. My favourite sort of bar!  I can see I’m going to be a regular there! I’ve already volunteered to do the breakfast run…….

I’m going to extend my plan of trying as many different beers as possible to cigarettes! So it’s out with the perennial favourite, Marlboro Gold, and next up are Lucky Strikes which I haven’t smoked since I was about 14. See? See how cultured I’ve become in only a week???!!!


Our open dining area at the hostel, surrounded by a raging thunderstorm. Atmospheric!


The famous viaduct at Lapa from our balcony


The 838,000 steps down from our hostel to Lapa…..

I've never met this woman, but I think I'd like to! Purely out of curiosity!

I’ve never met this woman, but I think I’d like to! Purely out of curiosity!


Charlotte at the viaduct. Cloudy and stormy but still 34 bloody degrees! Humid!!!!


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