The Smug Gringo!

Tonight is Maracanã stadium for Foo Fighters and Kaiser Chiefs! So we’re working our way up to it with a few steady hours lazing on Copacabana beach!! It’s bloody hard work this travelling business! We’ve come back to the lady who we’ve always used here to get our sun loungers etc. to give you an idea of the size of this beach there are 150 deck chair stalls on Copacabana alone! Once you’ve selected your spot they also provide “table service” to you on the beach. Which includes bringing ice cold beers to you! But what has amused me most is seeing that my account is labelled ‘Paolo Gringo’! Brilliant!! I love the fact that there are virtually no other English here! That alone is a good enough reason to take holidays here!
Last night we chatted with a few of the other people at the hostel – 3 Latvians and a German girl on her own. It entertains me no end to hear they’re on 3 week travelling tours, and it is with an immense amount of smugness that I tell them we still have just under 11 months to go!!! How to make friends!!! It still seems totally unreal!
I’m just going to give my best Brazilian Thumb to the nice lady so she brings more cold beer to us…… 37 degrees so far too hot for me to get up!


Beer of the day!


Tickets of the day!!!!!!



5 thoughts on “The Smug Gringo!

  1. ” I love the fact that there are virtually no other english here . That alone is a good enough reason to take holidays here ” Had you considered Bradford ?


  2. Hi chaps, have just discovered your blog after 2 weeks in the Lakes with dodgy Internet! It’s brilliant. Sounds like you are fully participating in the lifestyle and having a ball. Long may it continue.


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