A miracle occurs in Paraty (but doesn’t last long…)

It’s now Saturday and we’re settled in to our Eco-Suite in the rain forest just outside Paraty. Last night we had a tropical rain storm, literally. Lovely to sit on our verandah and watch. Yesterday was a transfer day for us, from Ilha Grande, and we’ve learnt that transfer days are quite tiring and occasionally a little bit stressful, but also that everything works out well in the end. Once again Charlotte has come up trumps with the hostel, and there is a beautiful river with waterfall and natural swimming pool running through the site (purposefully that is, it’s not just flooded!).
We’ve come down to one of the many nearby beaches where we’re lounging about at the bar just a few feet from the gently lapping sea shore. It’s cloudy with sunny interals today, but still debilitatingly hot! And so humid! However, all is well with the world as I recline here with Pink Floyd on my headphones. Completely chilled! And grilled fish just ordered!
Prices are a bit higher here, and I think we’ve just hit the £2.50 a pint bracket! Outrageous!!! But I think we’re likely to be doing more of our own cooking here using the magnificent outdoor kitchen at the hostel, so we’re not spending as much at restaurants. In fact, in our third week we’re well under budget so far, which seeing as how Brazil is going to be one of our most expensive places is pretty good. Maybe we’ll be able to stretch our finances to two years!!!!!!!
The beautiful Charlotte has eased off on giving me tasks, but still likes to closely monitor and supervise me, as she still sees me as a buffoon. Mind you, it was she who pointed out to me yesterday that my shorts were inside out and my t-shirt back to front so perhaps she’s right!
The hostel has a fully stocked beer fridge which can go on our bill to pay at the end of the week! Dangerous! But it might just outwit those pesky ants and their beer-tracking system. Though I believe they’re in league with The Mighty Mutant Mosquito Massive who have aerial surveillance on the go, so it’s only a matter of time….
The waiter has just delivered a fresh chilled beer to us. Like everywhere we go, he is very friendly and keen to practice his English. And then he’s just written down the wifi code for us so we can go online from his bar while sitting on the beach. I am rarely any less than highly impressed.
A mixed response re my hair growing dilemma! But Colette, suggesting Just For Men!!! Harsh!!! I’m gracefully slipping into my late 40s and obviously my silver fox tint gives me that extra look of George Clooney! Joe B, the coolest teacher on this planet, has also suggested letting my beard go too, but I’m actually enjoying being clean shaven most of the time, as I never do this in England! Currently I’m going with the hair allowed to grow routine, and if I could one day get it like Robert Plant’s then I’d be very happy!
Also lots of nice comments about the blog. I think I’d like to be a writer now, especially as you can do your work on the beach with a beer and ciggy in your hand. The ideal job! All I need now is an enormous advance. Any offers over £4.50 will be taken seriously. And I can feel another chapter of Paolo and Carlotta coming on……

Two things the Brazilian women are obsessed with –
1. Tattoos. Men and women are covered in them. But mainly women. Not always flatteringly. Fortunately I like tattoos, and I still believe Brazilian women to be the most beautiful on earth (no disrespect to anyone else!) And of course the bottoms are still everywhere, it’s just that I’ve become acclimatised to them! I love the confidence of women who go shopping or to bars in a thong. Though it’s not necessarily something I’d like to introduce to Dewsbury….
2. Selfies. Everyone, everywhere, constantly taking selfies!!!! To paraphrase, in the land of the one-armed, the man with the selfie stick is king (no, doesn’t quite work that). And women taking selfies of their bottoms! So it’s not just me who’s impressed!!
Back to tattoos, I’m still going to get another one but it’s just getting the timing right, as you need to keep them out of water for a few days at first, which doesn’t really fit in with all these beaches. So, maybe when we get to Argentina, but I fear that whatever I ask for will result in a map of the Falkland Islands with an Argentinian flag and Los Malvinhas written on it (though that actually appeals to my bizarre sense of humour)….. Maybe Peru then…..
Music recommendation – Pink Floyd, The Endless River. Beautiful!
Sweating update! – we have air con in our room and last night for the first time in 16 days I stopped sweating! This is a major miracle! In fact, we made the room so cold that we turned it off! Funny!!

Having returned back to the hostel and sweating profusely again, the daily evening downpour has started. I love this! I can go out walking around and no longer am I wet for no reason! Once again I can hold my head high among my peers!!!


Ernest Hemingway hard at work on the beach writing his journal



Lunch on the beach. Before…..




More evidence that S. McGaughran Tarmac Engineers (Brazil Depart.) had been busy in this area.


Our site in the rain forest. It’s raining.



The beautiful Charlotte on a bridge in Paraty. Evening tropical rain storm gathering behind (or clouds just trying to look busy….)


Beer and washing of the day!


4 thoughts on “A miracle occurs in Paraty (but doesn’t last long…)

  1. Rocky, have you thought about not cutting your hair for the whole year. Ponytail or dreads? Charlotte is looking amazing, travelling is obviously good for you both.


  2. Just one thing about the hair and beard thingy. If you do let both of the aforementioned areas to do their own thing just think about the result when you finally tackle them. I mean, sunburnt skin with white bits is not a good look. Just saying.
    The blog is fantastic by the way.


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