The Covert Colonic Chimps

This morning we headed up to the waterfalls we’d been told about. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was a right laugh! A huge slab of rock which everyone was sliding down into a pool at the bottom. I gave it a go, having firstly checked my shorts were tightly done up. As some of you may have seen on Facebook I had great fun, if not very elegant! Our next activity was the most extreme sport available in Brazil – the bus ride! I know I’ve harped on about it before, but really, it’s complete madness! Mountaineering, BASE jumping, bungee jumping – not a patch on the Brazilian bus ride of death! And tomorrow we have a 6 hr bus journey to Sao Paolo! I suspect it’s actually a 14hr journey really, but they’ll get it done in 6 come what may! Still lots of posh young girls here spending daddy’s money! It’s funny to listen to them. To be fair they seem to be doing some really nice cooking every night, so at least one day they might make someone a good wife. We went back to our favourite bar on the beach for a late lunch of filet mignon again. Fortunately it’s out of the posh girl’s budget so we don’t have to listen to puerile crap all the time. Lots of people, when travelling, will suffer from Delhi Belly. Charlotte has the opposite – Brazilian Bung! A week now!! My god, I’ve no idea where all the food goes! She must have hollow legs! Of course, when the time comes, I’ll have to pre-warn the Brazilian sewage works so they can take extra staff on…… (Charlotte doesn’t get to read these blogs until they go on line, so I inevitably get slapped everyday at 5 minutes past publishing time). The only possible reasonable explanation I can come up with, is that during the night a team of highly trained specialist monkeys descend from the jungle, secretly enter our villa, and perform a covert colonic on Charlotte. Yes, that has to be it. To be fair, she’s watched the video of me going down the waterfall at least 46 times, and laughs uncontrollably each time. But even that hasn’t brought on the urge….I’m going to start running a book on it. I’m thinking 3-1 for Sunday. So, transfer day again tomorrow to one of the biggest cities in the world, São Paulo, and another hostel. This time we have a private room, but with bunk beds so I think it’s going to be particularly small! After living in the jungle for 2 weeks it’s going to be a bit of a shock I think.




Beautifully cooked steak. Everything in Brazil is served with rice and chips!


The river running through Paraty


Selfie time!


Beer of the day! A large bottle of Heineken making a debut appearance!

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