Still no news……….

So today was a travelling day, which has turned out to be very nice and easy really. Taxi to the bus station at Paraty, then onto the nicest coach I’ve ever been on! Same size as a National Express, but half the seats. Very civilised. The seats reclined to almost full laying down, with full length leg rests too! Unlike local bus drivers this coach driver wasn’t living the Ayrton Senna dream, and it was a pleasant journey with a couple of stops where we took the opportunity to load up with flaky pastry surprises (flaky pastry containing mash potato and some sort of chicken tikka was my favourite). Once in SĆ£o Paulo 6 hrs later we got another taxi to our hostel, where once again Charlotte has come up trumps. The Brazil Lodge All Suites Hostel. Very very nice, good staff, very clean, Ā£30 a night for private en suite room. And a nice mini supermarket a few yards away which is always handy! Not a great deal to tell today, as I’m pretty worn out, but I can tell you there’s no update on Charlotte’s Brazilian Bung issues, so I’m now cutting Sunday to an evens bet. It’s 8 days today….. I just don’t understand why she hasn’t put any weight on! Those covert chimp colonics must be amazing. Our toilet has a bum-cleaning water-hose attached to it, so maybe if I can jack the pressure of it up a bit I’ll be able to carry out a Dyno Rod procedure on her… Of course I’ll keep you all updated!! šŸ˜ƒšŸ˜ƒšŸ˜ƒ

I've found a way of cutting down to one can a day......

I’ve found a way of cutting down to one can a day……

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