Knowing me, knowing you, with Alan Partridge. An extra blog…..

Since Charlotte’s “grand turnout” and the rain of biblical proportions, it cleared up nicely and became a beautiful evening. Before we headed out to eat, we reached a new milestone on our travels – we used the washing machine!!! The fun of grape-treading our clothes has soon worn off, and we’re actually excited about having clean, nice smelling clothes! How sad we are! However, if they’re not dry by the morning, I’ll be wandering around São Paulo in my Speedos, which isn’t a good look.

Having thrown everything in the washing machine, we went to our room for a rest. Charlotte made me lock the laundry room, and take the key with us (Charlotte is obsessed with security). Ten minutes later, a knock at the door. Charlotte was busy making the bed, so I had to answer it. But I was naked. So just popped my head around the door, to find the girl from reception looking for the key! I’m not certain I managed to hide myself very well, and now whenever she sees me she just bursts out laughing. It’s like Alan Partridge in his hotel. More humiliation.
I saw myself in the mirror today, and my hair has moved on from Freddy Boswell to Sonic The Hedgehog. Again, not a good look. I can feel a grade 2 cut all over coming on very soon.
A very nice dinner at a lovely bar just up the road from our hostel. Everything always seems so much better when you can eat outside. Our main entertainment was the waiter, a young lad who was new to the job, but couldn’t grasp the fact that I understood absolutely nothing he was saying. He just kept rambling on, with me saying “No, don’t understand you…..haven’t a clue what you’re saying…..try again…..and again…, not a single idea” pretty much along the lines of The League of Gentlemen. Needless to say, Charlotte got steak, when we actually believed we’d ordered fish. When Charlotte said to me “What did he say?” I replied ” I think he said congratulations to you for your success in the bathroom at 1457hrs today, we’re all very pleased for you here”. Charlotte replied to me “Are you sure he didn’t say My God Sir, why is your head so red??? Haven’t you heard of sun cream??”. I think I was probably more right than her.
Tomorrow (Sunday) sees us going to Vila Magdalena for the day. This is a ‘bohemian’ area of São Paulo. Wikitravel says this about it:
“These neighborhoods have become a hot spot for artists, writers, journalists, movie directors, intellectuals in general and, of course, wannabes in every one of these categories. It’s not uncommon to run into someone famous – or nearly so – when casually drinking in a bar, leaving the supermarket or having an espresso. Keep your eyes peeled.”
So, full of pretentious knobs then. But on the plus side, there is the Morrison Rock Bar, a homage to my all time favourite idol Jim Morrison of the greatest band that ever existed, The Doors , so we’ll be going there. I’m sure Charlotte can’t wait……
Right, this blog has filled up the time nicely, so I must go and see if the washing is dry, or whether it’s Speedos for the day….


São Paulo cathedral. Culture.


Beers of the evening!


Bronzed Charlotte and The Sunburnt Kid


2 thoughts on “Knowing me, knowing you, with Alan Partridge. An extra blog…..

  1. Glad to hear the grand depart past through at 14.57, good to hear Paul is keeping such a close eye on you Char ! Send freddy Boswell out on an errand next time !! X love to you both x


  2. Am so pleased for Charlotte, but you have to give it a rest now otherwise the revenge on you will be huge!!! Think hammock in the jungle whilst Charlotte’s booked into a spa hotel for a week, she is the master Booker after all. 😉
    Loving reading your adventures, keep up the good work x


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