The tooth, the hole tooth, and nothing but the tooth….

Another new experience today! While eating breakfast (a cheese and ham sandwich in a crusty bread roll), my top front tooth snapped in half!!!!! This was very disappointing to say the least! I had visions of me spending the next 11 months looking even more weird than normal! What with my hair I would be looking like Captain Caveman!  So after a bit of umming and aaahing, the receptionist at the hostel had me booked in for a dental appointment, at half 10 on a Sunday morning! We walked a short distance to the place, and were greeted by a very laid back dentist whose English was on a par with my Portuguese! No problem! Charlotte took one look at him and said to me “Oh he looks absolutely fine, you’ll have no worries!” How does she know these things???? Well, all I can say is that he x-rayed me, removed the tooth, saved the root, and then actually rebuilt and re modelled my old tooth before pinning it back into place in my root. In an hour and a half! Even he was pleased with it! I am very impressed! It cost £425! But Charlotte says this is cheap compared to England for a Sunday morning emergency call out, and who am I to disagree with her? All in all I’m very happy with it, and this’ll give me a first opportunity to test my very very expensive travel insurance!

The rest of the day was spent sight seeing. We didn’t see any famous people in Vila Madalena, but we did see some incredible carnival procession rehearsals! It’s just an excuse to dress up ridiculously and drink huge amounts in the street! There were people walking along swigging from huge bottles of Jagermeister! Uuuugggghhhhhh! The most common type of fancy dress seemed to be based on Super Mario! Great fun! I love Brazil!!!!!!

Great to FaceTime with Mum and Dad this morning! Not sure Mum understood much of what was going on, but brilliant to see that Dad had even made notes of questions he wanted to ask us! Great preparation, and an insight into why I’m so anal organised! Also just face timed Sam and Brett, and Brett even told a funny joke, which is very unusual for him!!!

Tomorrow evening we leave São Paulo on a 16 hr bus trip to Iguazu Falls! I’m looking forward to it as I’ve got my book to read, lots of Radio 4 podcasts, and 4 episodes of the hilarious Count Arthur Strong! Failing that, I’ve got beer, Valium, tramadol and sleeping tablets, so something must work!

Cheers! Might not be able to blog until we’re in Argentina in a few days!


Local pharmacy named in honour of Charlotte and her recent world record (6).


Beer of the day! Large Devassa! What an incredible bar man! I asked for one large beer, he brought two, and when I said I only asked for one he said “I’m sure you’ll drink it”! Fine service! Barman of the year!


More beers cooling under our air con!

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