I meet Mr Thrush……

Another packing morning. Don’t know how we’d manage without packing cubes!
Yesterday, I met Mr Thrush. This is not his real name, but those of you who understand will know that it is intended to be very abusive –
I was just putting some more washing in the washing machine, having left my dirty stuff there in the queue for a couple of hours when in walked Captain Brash. Lord Arsehole. Mr Thrush. I’d put him in his early 30s, and describe him as an American jock (as in sporting jock, not Glaswegian!!!).
“Hey” he said in his loud arrogant American voice. ” I was just going to put my washing in!”
“Very good” I replied in my calm posh English accent. “I’m sure mine won’t take long”
“But I’ve just brought all my stuff down!”
“Very good” I replied, again, in my calm posh English accent. “I’m sure mine won’t take long”
“Hey man, but…but…but…”
I then began to explain the techniques that we in the Western world like to call ‘queuing’ and ‘manners’ and ‘politeness’. I even suggested that when mine was finished I could quite happily come and knock on his door to let him know.
“No, don’t bother” he huffed and stormed off. Ignorant wazzock.
Anyway, I later put our stuff in the dryer, and left it there, knowing the etiquette to be that the next person would/should either put the dryer on for a bit longer to let your clothes dry, or put all your stuff on the side ready for you to take away. Very easy really. But no, this morning I discovered that Mr Thrush had taken all my stuff out, still wet, and put his stuff in! How rude! My first thought was to use one of his socks to wipe my bum with, but I refrained and maintained the British stiff upper lip. And of course, if anything DID happen to any of his washing I would never have been so stupid as to write about it…..
But, Americans. With the greatest of respect to my dear friends Ameira (who is after all British really) and Nola (who should be British!), whenever we hear a loud obnoxious voice, it’s always American. And none of them I’ve met have ever heard of the words Please and Thank you in any language. Yes, I know, there are an equal amount of rude English people, but I’m just saying what I see….. Rant over (for now). As a side note, Ameira’s accent of American mixed with broad Lancashire (Ameira is Bacup’s most successful export!) is brilliant!
Last night we chatted with the beautiful ladies Shelley and Sarah on FaceTime! Very nice! And learnt that our blog’s biggest fans are Shelley’s mum and dad, the wonderful Ken and Linda! So, today’s photo is in honour of them, taken the day before we left!
Gearing up for the long bus ride now. I may need a small beer…..


Me and Ken out to impress the chicks….

One thought on “I meet Mr Thrush……

  1. Haha ahhh washing etiquette, I’ve just experienced some of this myself! And when you get to Oz you’ll be pleased to know that the Americans will be replaced… With Germans! Literally 90% of Germany is here, I don’t know who’s left in the country! Glad you’re having an amazing time, lots of love to you both! X


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