Me, Myself and I……

If it’s Wednesday, it’s Argentina….
Today we entered the territory of our allies, Argentina! And surprisingly straight through at border control! Within seconds we were passing a military base, outside of which was a huge banner with a picture of the Falkland Islands over which was printed “Malvinas-Argentinas”! I kid you not! I wonder how many beers it will take me to correct it with a marker pen?!
We were on an organised trip to Iguazu Falls, the biggest waterfalls in the world. And there is no way I can do them justice here either in words or pictures. They are immense, the basin of which covers several kilometres. We spent 6 hrs there, doing every thing possible. The best was the boat we took under the falls!! We may as well have swam for how wet we got! Just great fun! If there’s one thing everyone should do in their lifetime, it is to visit this. It would be worth the flight cost alone! Google it!!!
Of course, being on an organised trip we were once again Grandma and Grandad. But instantly there was the loud obnoxious brash “been there done it all” person. And guess what? He just happened to be American! Aged about 12 years old, he’d circumnavigated the world 312 times. To use an old police term, his black dog was blacker than your black dog. Was it wrong of me to inwardly snigger when I learnt he’d recently been robbed???! I actually wanted to ask him how often he gets punched? By his own family?
There is a template to any conversation between two or more young travellers. It goes like this –
“Hi, I’m from (insert country of choice). Where are you from? (Pause for 0.0003 seconds, before…) Anyway, that’s enough about you, I’ve been travelling in all these places, and I’m going to tell you about all the places I’m going to travel to, because I have only 3 subjects of interest, and they are me, myself and I.”
This is not a world trip.
It’s an ego trip.
But it doesn’t really affect me and Charlotte as they don’t even speak to us!
Until…… late this afternoon, one of them picked up courage to ask us a question (along the lines of “And what are you old people doing here?”). And when we explained our circumstances of selling the house, spending the kids inheritance, and generally just having a laugh, they were actually in awe of us! Of all the travellers we’ve seen we’ve only met one other ( a very NICE American girl today) who was at it for a full year. So perhaps we’re not as uncool as we may seem…..
Tonight’s hostel is …… different! But it’s fine, and has a pool. It just reminds me of a 1960s spaghetti western for no real reason I can put my finger on!
But beer! Super 1 litre size bottles for very little! Hello Argentina!!!!!!



A genuine turtle’s head


Pesky raccoons….


A new beer! Isenbeck! 1 litre bottles! Magnificent!


A toucan, reminding me very much of the natural wonder of Guinness


A Cayman, obviously having not noticed Charlotte, and therefore not looking busy


A picture I took in Leeds Civil Claims Court recently of Bob Wilkinson staring down his beak at me and Craig…..


Me. Looking thin. A very good camera shot.


With my very best friend Mrs R! There could be no better travel companion!! Xx


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