Interim blog brought on by stress……

A stressful morning so far. We managed the night without being gunned down by the Magnificent Seven, though I kept being woken up by the theme tune to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. At breakfast at 8am it was already about 506 degrees with 12000% humidity, so my (insufficient) breakfast was lost in an ocean of sweat. We then had to print our bus tickets off for tonight’s travel. Sounds easy? We’ve traipsed all over town looking for somewhere to print. And in this heat it’s a nightmare. Finally, having found a craft shop (?) that were happy to do it for us, I found that Yahoo wouldn’t let me into my own email unless I could receive a security text from them. But I have no phone! To cut a very long and boring story short, and having to sign up for an iCloud account, and trekking a further 43 miles, I’ve got it done. But I’ve lost 6 stone in sweat. So my next great business entrepreneur opportunity is an Internet Cafe in Puerto Iguazu! Can’t believe even the hostels don’t have printers. It cost me £1.50 for two A4 sheets, so surely a £20 printer would soon pay for itself?

Anyway, the only saving grace of the morning (and once again proving herself the most perfect travelling partner), at 10.41am, Charlotte said “it’s not too early for a beer is it?”! Good girl! So here we are, sat at the pool, drinking Quilmes. Litre bottles of course. And very nice too!

I hope work’s going well for you all back in the real world!



Charlotte the alcoholic resting by the pool



Quilmes, 4.9%, very very tasty! Ideal for pre-lunch drinking!


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