A Tale of Two Buses, and a national crisis….


After a day of lazing in the pool, we headed to the bus station for our 18hrs bus ride to Buenos Aires. Obviously, because of our previous bus trip two days earlier, with cocaine and amphetamine fuelled José at the helm, we were a little apprehensive. So you can imagine our delight when the bus rolled in, a double decker luxury coach with “VIP Class” emblazoned on the side! Jackpot!!!! Superb seats like armchairs, almost fully reclineable, air conditioning just at the right temperature! Two drivers in smart uniforms! And a waitress!!!!! What a fantastic trip! After 5 hrs we were served dinner, with a cold starter and hot main course (similar, but better than plane meals) and then a great breakfast in the morning! And we both slept solidly for the best part of the night. Absolutely fantastic! (Sleeping tablets may have helped a little….)
We arrived in BA at 11am, before heading to our beautiful apartment located in the very posh/trendy/bohemian area of San Telmo. Yes, another great find by Mrs Rock! And it has a washing machine! Great joy! It’s home for 17 nights! Many great bars within a couple of minutes!
We’ve had a good wander around the immediate area this aft, and it’s fantastic. BA is very beautiful, the buildings in particular. It’s like a bizarre mix of French, Italian and Spanish. And with the temperature at 26 degrees and little humidity I’ve just about stopped sweating! We like it here!
While I remember, I’ve just finished reading A Prayer For Owen Meaney by John Irving, as recommended by my brother. A long book, but it’s got to be in the top 10 of books I’ve ever read. Absolutely superbly and cleverly written. Bruce, it’s one for you. I’ve moved on to Russell Brand’s Revolution now, as recommended by Bruce.

Speaking of Revolution, the Argentine army are everywhere and STILL bloody harping on about the Falklands! There’s also a peace camp outside the presidential palace occupied by veterans of the Falklands war! I think we’ll pretend to be French…… To be fair, if the Argies owned the Shetland Isles I’m sure we’d have an issue with that too.

And another entrepreneurial opportunity has arisen – this is no joke, but we discovered today that there is a national shortage of tampons in Argentina!! There isn’t a single one left, and it’s been like this for 5 weeks now as for some reason the supply they get from Brazil has dried up (is that the right phrase?)!!! So, if you want to make a fortune quick, buy 200 million of them and bring them over here! After all, you should be able to bike, run, swim with them to get them here?
Very tired now, so I’m heading to bed for a well deserved rest!


Charlotte proudly showing off her Rocklets


Luxury on the bus!


Me waking up on the bus with a bad case of “bed-head”


The street next to ours. For some reason it always leaves me with a sinking feeling……


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