Sunbathing on horses in Palermo……

Well, we managed it! We didn’t go out til 9pm, and got to the carnival at the same time as the locals! Last night was even busier than before, and foam squirting was at a peak. Having abused and offended the wonderful Rachael in my blog yesterday I received due summary justice, and can confirm that foam in your eyes is incredibly painful! Rachael, I take it all back! We’re going to try and get there again tonight, and I’m going to wear full mask and snorkel.
Again today we have walked and walked and walked. The maps we keep being given in these cities are cunningly drawn to make everything look close by, but bear no relation to reality whatsoever. We headed to Palermo to go to the park. Two and a half hours! But we don’t really mind, as there’s generally something new and fascinating to see. Such as El Ateneo Grand Splendid bookshop, which used to be a theatre. Though now a bookshop similar to Waterstones, it still retains the circle and balconies and boxes, and is hugely ornate and impressive.
On exhaustedly reaching the park we opted for lunch first, and went to an Italian pizza bar in Plaza Italia. We keep falling into the trap of ordering too much, as I think we’re still expecting English-sized portions. We shared a pizza but it was enormous! A wise old friend of mine (well, it was Blythey, so not so wise) once gave me the very sound advice of ‘never eat anything bigger than your head’. It’s a rule that has stood me well over many years. But this was way way bigger than my head. In fact, it was almost as big as Charlotte’s arse!!!! So, once again, beaten by food! All we were good for after that was to waddle into the park, slob out by the lake in the shade, and fall asleep for an hour! Very security conscious!
I say we lay in the shade, but the conversation actually, and honestly, went like this –
Me – Do you want to be in the sun or shade?
Cha – Dappled
Me – Dappled???
Cha – Yes, dappled
Was I to take it that we were to sun bathe while riding horses? I quickly consulted the dictionary:
to mark or become marked with spots or patches of a different colour; mottle
mottled or spotted markings
a dappled horse, etc
marked with dapples or spots

No mention whatsoever of sunbathing. I may well master the Spanish language, but I’ll never understand Femaleish. (It quite obviously meant ‘to lay under a tree with specks of sunlight shining through. Stupid.’


We travelled back by tube, a very reasonable 40p per trip of any distance.

Money. It’s very strange here in South America – they have a fear of big value notes, but by that I mean ANYTHING over a fiver! They like you to pay in exact money, and lots of the shops here in BA will give you your change in sweets!!! In fact, you could buy 10p worth of penny sweets, hand over a fiver, and get £4.90 worth of penny sweets in change! Taz would love it!

Finally today, Charlotte is currently looking ahead and trying to book accommodation/hostels in Sydney at the end of June. We’ll have Josh with us too, so we’re looking at 3 beds. Anyone got any ideas/recommendations as its all looking quite pricey at the moment, and we are but poor travellers with no income!!!!! Any (cheap) ideas welcome!

Bathroom update – Charlotte has fallen silent, whereas I’m still performing fanfares on a far too regular basis……



Still on the Quilmes….



Beaker, unable to let go of The Paras, and very much against the wishes of Mrs Beaker, was training his young son to be a Soldier of Fortune and terrorist. Unbeknown to the authorities, together they travelled around Argentina in this bus capturing rogue Argies and subjecting them to the British National Anthem being played on permanent loop. Mrs Beaker despaired of her misguided partner.


After 4 years of running the ROCU tuck shop, Darren Sleep had made enough money to branch out into the luxury hotel market


Pink flamingoes. Always worth a picture.


Ken and Linda also retired to Buenos Aires, and named their own apartment block.


2 thoughts on “Sunbathing on horses in Palermo……

  1. Been meaning to leave you a message all day and kept forgetting! The nice hostel in Melbourne is called Space Hotel (it has both hotel and hostel rooms) and is really nice- hands down the nicest I’ve stayed in since we’ve been here and in a great location too.

    Hopefully I can help you with Sydney too! If there’s any you’ve looked at and fancy so far let me know and I can see if I know them/ the area. I stayed in two, one called Maze Backpackers which is an average hostel but for the location and price was fantastic, 5 minutes walk from everything, if that. The other one was further out, about 10 minutes walk to the central train station, but a nice hostel and not expensive. Let me know if you want help! Xxx


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