Vote for the naked ladies!

We got to the last night of the carnival, and it was cracking! The dancing is wild, very demonic and shamanistic! Brilliant fun climaxing in a parade of barely dressed women promoting one of the government election candidates! What a fantastic way to canvas votes! Seemed to be very popular with all the men, young and old! Though there was also something for the ladies too! I’ve tried to put a link below to the very poorly taken video I shot (couldn’t keep my hands still), but I’m not sure if it works. But if it does, then I’ve opened a whole new world of videos to you!! We could have video beer of the day! Charlotte got a good soaking in foam, but fortunately had her specs on so was well covered for health and safety issues.

Vegetables. Yes, vegetables I say. Two things –

1. We are craving vegetables! They just don’t seem to be used much here, and I would just love a plate full of broccoli! Or cauliflower cheese!!! Mmmmm, mange tout!!! Dreaming of sugar snap peas!!

2. The few veg that are for sale here in shops are sold as they come – by that I mean that they are all bizarre shapes and sizes (as nature intended) and not sorted into regulated sizes like in Britain. Why do we have to have ours regulated? Why can’t we eat them of any shape? How much waste do we incur???????!!!

Today we’ve walked for miles as usual, stopping for coffees and lunch, and generally being tourists. It’s lovely and still a novelty to have all the time in the world to do whatever we want, even though it’s the end of our fifth week!!! Slow down Time!!!!

On walking back towards our apartment we were a little surprised at the amount of police, soldiers, water cannon, riot barriers and convoys of media vehicles with huge satellite dishes. I jokingly said, Oh It’ll Be The Wednesday Coup. But actually, I’m not far off the mark! There’s a huge parade as I write protesting about the recent suspicious death of a prosecutor who has uncovered more murky doings of recent government officials including the current President. How strange and convenient that he should have died at such a time, just before presenting his evidence….. Anyway, they’re expecting about 300,000 people to attend, and it finishes at the President’s Palace a couple of streets from our apartment. Charlotte wants to go to it but I’m being extra cautious. I’ve seen it many times, where innocent people get drawn in and arrested or beaten or both. I’ve always said that the easiest way to avoid it is to not go. A bit like the easiest way not to get bitten by a shark is to stay dry. That, and it’s just broken out into monsoon type rain! Anyway, if it all goes Pete Tong, and the country falls into civil dispute and war, our address is Venezueala 452, apartment 37. We don’t want rescuing, but if you could just make sure that we get a daily delivery of 6 litres Quilmes beer, 20 Marlboro Gold, and maybe the occasional pizza we would be very grateful. (A bag of broccoli too?). Much appreciated!!

Cheers! Viva la revolution!!



Bizarre shaped potatoes (Seamus, take note)


Charlotte becomes collateral damage in the great foam wars


Our new friend at lunch. Wherever we go we are joined by a friendly dog


Proof, if it was ever needed, that I don’t just drink beer


I had to have this beer for its bizarre measure of 340 cm3. It’s a new one on me….


News regarding the upcoming revolution, down our street….


2 thoughts on “Vote for the naked ladies!

  1. I have watched the almost naked dancing ladies ( for research purposes). Very interesting. In Otley we have lots of Morris dancing groups who tend to be covered up completely. I might suggest that on May Day they go for a BA themed event. Tough question fir you now: if you had the choice of a week in Rio or BA, which would you choose?


    • Hi Joe! In my list of favourite things, I’m going to keep almost naked dancing ladies just ahead of Morris dancing! For me, Rio is one of the best places I’ve been to, and I think it would be very difficult to beat. I’m already looking forward to being back there one day!


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