The Disappointingly Boring Blog…..

Another day, and more sun and heat! So off we went to hire our bikes for a day’s galavanting on two wheels! Obviously first I had to tend to more new bites, but that’s just become a way of life for me now.
Great joy at the bike shop – the owner was English so I didn’t have to speak pathetic Spanish to him! Bloody hell, how much easier was that? I now can’t wait to get to New Zealand so that I can understand everything and chat easily, and know what I’m eating! And also I’ll have no designated role with linguistics out of the window! Actually, I said this to Charlotte, but she has of course already found me a new role – cleaning and emptying out the toilet in the motor home. Hmmmm. Can I stick with languages??? Instead of logs????
Well, we have cycled for miles today, and it’s been superb. BA is virtually as flat as a pancake, so it’s easy, and there are miles of brilliant cycle paths through the city – completely segregated from the traffic, so very safe. Once again, London has been put to shame. I despair!
All the bikes had names on them. You can imagine my internal amusement to see Charlotte’s was called ‘Pump’! They must have known she was coming! This was almost as satisfying as when Aidy was told he was too fat to ride a bike! (Aidy, obviously I didn’t agree with that, as you’re really a very very thin person, in a fat man’s body….)
We started at the Boca Juniors football stadium which is amazing as it’s right in the middle of the houses. The whole area is painted blue and yellow, and fervent fans are forever huddled around the gates. This was the home of Maradonna.
Lots of cycling left us very tired, and we had our usual hour’s sleep in a park!
Once again, a great day, with a few beers at the end to relax with. I have no idea whatsoever how I’ve ever found time to have a job in the past!
Tomorrow we’re going away for a couple of days 20 miles up the coast to the River delta resort of Tigre, which apparently is where the rich and famous of BA escape to. We will no doubt be bringing the average wealth factor down somewhat….


Ken and Linda have their own special door on the left to the supermarket… (Ken, Linda, Shelley’s making me do this!!!)


Striking a fairly effeminate pose outside the Boca Juniors stadium


Charlotte and ‘Pump’! And I’m on ‘Audri T’!


My first ever bike with a basket! The latest from Pinarello’s shopping range!


Imperial beer! You can’t beat a nice pair of jugs on a Sunday afternoon….

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