Just a little extra after-dinner rant….

A little addendum to the last blog by way of an almost-apology to the young travellers of the world, the gap-yaaaaah crowd (but not a full apology, there is still no excuse for awsome, sick and me-myself-and-I) :
Here in the hotel at breakfast this morning were 4 Americans, aged 60 plus. One of them was the man from Up, one was Dustin Hoffman, one was an old Dan Akroyd and the last was Foggy from the Summer Wine. Now, I know it’s often my job to listen in on conversations, but this one I couldn’t help hearing. In fact maybe you chaps in England heard it too? Or perhaps I’d inadvertently walked into a Shout-As-Loud-As-You-Can competition. Or, more realistically, they were just American. Anyway, they made sure everyone knew of their plans. Foggy was obviously the logistics manager and he was very much in charge (and very much very dull). Dan Akroyd made sure everyone knew he was a dentist and that he and one of his ex-wives owned an island somewhere. Up was simply Up, benign to all going about him. Dustin Hoffman wittered around the others, generally about changing everything into dollars, then pesos, then back into dollars, then into butterflies, then elephants and finally into pasta, and they were sure to make a profit. They were evidently on a very long car journey back up to the United States of Loud People. I cannot imagine anything more excruciating than being in their car.
However, at one point they brought another, younger, separate American couple into the conversation. Brian the younger American (for that actually was his name and said a lot about him) replied very loudly “Sounds like you guys are ready for Nepal. Have you been there? We went there last year blah blah blah blah blah blah blah…..”
My conclusion is that there are older ones too who will only talk about themselves. But of course we all know this.
Why don’t these people understand that they’d be best off locking themselves in a room, alone but with a large mirror, and then they could talk all day long about themselves with the only person who’s interested in their long egotistical stories.
There are a lot of Americans here in Patagonia as their dollars go a long way in this part of the world. Not far enough to buy manners and politeness though.
Rant over. For now.

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