My Gap Year (tooth-wise)

Back in the Buenos of Aires where it’s hot, hot, hot!!!! Another world first for me today – a flight with no alcohol and no prescribed drugs! And I enjoyed it! I have no idea why I’m suddenly able to fly, but it’s good, and Charlotte likes the fact that I’m not off my tits for the whole day! Mind you, I still love that wonderful feeling when the Guinness and the Valium mix…….
Another first! We met a lovely American lady from Chicago on the flight, who actually apologised to us for “The Ugly Americans”! (We googled that phrase, and it’s just how I’ve been describing them!) Not only was she genuinely INTERESTED in what we were doing, she kept asking US questions! Maybe though she was part of the international surveillance team….. sadly, the Japanese man wasn’t there on the flight, sleeping.
It was good to land at an airport and know where we were going. We didn’t feel like travellers, just as if we were going home! And home is the 19th floor of a 32 storey building. The apartment is fantastic with a view over the city for miles and miles. However, the balcony, with its tiny railings is not doing my fear of heights any good at all! I’m having a constant desire to throw myself off! I think I’m going to have to strap myself down! But we’ve just watched the sunset, and it’s very very peaceful. Do mosquitoes reach this height? Once they smell me they will…..
Tomorrow starts at the camera office to see if our camera is repaired, then we go to the central post office to collect Charlotte’s parcel from Samantha (tampons would you believe????!!! We could sell them for a fortune!!!), and then I’ve got a dentist appointment at 7pm! On a Friday night??? That’s not going to do much for my beer consumption! My front tooth, rebuilt in Sao Paolo has shattered again, this time I reckon irretrievably, so I think I’m looking at being a toothless idiot for the rest of the year. Oh well, I think it’ll bother Charlotte more than me. I’ll just have to stay out of all photos.
Hair still growing well!
It’s a cloudless night, and sitting on the balcony, despite the vertigo, is wonderful.
Charlotte has not needed any more urgent toilet visits today so we can all relax.
Cheers chaps, hope you’re all safe and well!!!



An aerial view of Pugneys, Wakefield…


The River Nidd just before Knaresborough….


Birk Crag, Harrogate…..


From the apartment. Sam and Laurence said it looked like Sheffield…. but they were out drinking.


Today it’s Scheider from Germany! Inexplicably cheaper than local beer! Back to good old litre bottles!




Still nice.


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