Bye Bye Beautiful Buenos Aires….

Here’s my current dilemma – I have to go onto the balcony to smoke. But we’re 19 floors up and it terrifies me! The urge to jump off is almost overwhelming! So I have to edge onto the balcony like a pathetic moron, ease into my seat, and not look out! Steve Marshall will fully understand this. He was subjected to my ridiculous fear of heights at the Cirque du Solitude when we trekked across Corsica. This saw me frozen rigid with fear, in tears, and Steve trying to encourage me, and me just repeatedly telling him to F off!! Sorry Steve! This led to him christening me with a new nickname, Semi-Vertical Rock!
Alternatively, I could give up smoking, but not while it’s so cheap! I’ve actually convinced myself that it’s cheaper to smoke here than not smoke! (Honest,there’s some logic in there, somewhere, maybe…)
I had my last run in this beautiful city today. I love seeing so many people out running, walking and roller blading. There were loads of Army Fitness style groups out, and lots of people having roller blading lessons. Rachael, I could be the AFF roller blading coach!! A very pleasant 5 miles. I’m really going to miss Buenos Aires. Having been here for 3 weeks we’ve just slotted into life here as if we live here. We will definitely try to come back. Even if it’s just for a dentists check up!
Tomorrow we leave early for the airport. So it’s breakfast in the lounge at Buenos Aires, followed by lunch in the lounge in Santiago airport, Chile, then beer and guinea pig in Lima, Peru for dinner! We’re expecting a totally different experience in the western Andes countries, and I’m fully optimistic for even cheaper beer and cigs! Tomorrow’s hostel might not be quite as luxurious as our current apartment! I suspect the international surveillance team are already ahead and waiting…..
A gloriously lazy day today, spent lounging at the pool. Once again I’ve burnt my nips!
And a new experiment tonight! Charlotte has bought some hair product for me to try and do something with my ever expanding mop! I’m bound to look like David Beckham, or maybe Brad Pitt. Or probably David Mellor. But I’m liking the hair situation. I think I’m going to try the whole year without cutting it…. maybe a pony tail? Another mid life crisis????
The mosquitoes are definitely able to thrive on the 19th floor. Last night, having pinpointed my exact location by following the newly laid trail of sweat, they did a multi-pronged attack. One highly trained battalion abseiled down from the roof while the others took the door off its hinges. A bit similar to the storming of the Iranian Embassy. Perhaps the stuff I’m buying, which I’m wrongly translating from Spanish as mosquito repellant, is actually Mosquito Heroin, irresistible to mozzies on a global scale. I’m hoping my seven hour flight tomorrow may give me a bit of a lead on them, but knowing my luck they’ll be piloting the plane.
Speaking of pilots, we had a couple of very funny ones on the plane from Patagonia back to BA. They did their speeches first in Spanish, then in English, and then one of them tried doing it in French! Appallingly! They were obviously having a good laugh, as they ended up both just listing french words including, Champagne, D’Artagnan, Moules, and Champignons! Brilliant! Even as we got off, the Captain, standing at the door, smiled as we walked past and said “Je ne sais quoi french”!! Paul, how many languages do you do your spiel in?????
So, an uneventful day today, but at least my new tooth is still in one piece! Though of course sadly that means I don’t have an excuse to go and see Veronica and Carolina tonight!!!
Hope you’re all well back at home! Be safe!!
Disaster! While writing this I just checked my credit card online, and it’s been bloody cloned! Some bastard in Miami, USA, is running around withdrawing £200 at a time, to £800!!!! I’ve stopped the card now, and should get the money back, but it’s more hassle. Never mind, still 2 cards to go…..


Sausage of the day, though it was recently much bigger….


Charlotte luxuriating at her private pool

4 thoughts on “Bye Bye Beautiful Buenos Aires….

  1. Bad news about your credit card! Reminds of the time I had £600 travellers cheques stolen in Mombasa. The amount of people we had to have stamp various things was about the same as for Charlotte’s parcel.


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