The World’s Most Beautiful Dentists!!!

Every day away brings something new, and today has ended in a brilliant way!
We had tasks to do today, so up early (9am!) and off straight away to collect my camera. Remarkably, it was there waiting for us. Unremarkably, it had been deemed un repairable, which is a disappointment to say the least considering the money we spent on it, and that we’ve only used it for 5 weeks. Ongoing emails with Canon are not going well. Their American offices have told me to send it to them direct in America for inspection. But the asterisk at the bottom of their email says they won’t accept packages from outside America or return them to outside America?? Despite me specifically giving them my whereabouts for the next few months. Canon. Fail.
So the next dilemma is whether to buy another camera or not. Of course we should, as the iPhone’s don’t really do justice to a world trip, but it’s just another expense…… (A camera will cost us several weeks living expenses!) Sam, hasn’t Mario got a spare one at his home in Peru for us???!
Next on the list was the post office collection centre for Charlotte’s parcel. Now, this really was a lesson in bureaucracy, and it made us both think of pre-war Russia. What a kerfuffle!!!! First, see the man at the gate, who inspected our ticket and made us sign it and put passport number on it. Second, see the next man, 3 feet away who inspected our ticket and stamped it. Third, join the queue for desk no. 5, where a girl inspected the ticket and sent us to – Fourth, desk no.1, where a girl inspected the ticket and charged us £6 for the pleasure, before sending us to Fifth, sit down and wait for your number to appear on a screen, before Sixth, join another queue to meet Seventh, a man who inspected our ticket, found our parcel and then Eighth, taken to another desk where INCREDIBLY we had to open the parcel in front of him so he could inspect its contents! And quite brilliantly it contained a huge amount of tampons! Then Ninth, sent to another desk to finally sign the parcel out! And the man at this last desk, having noted my Rolling Stones T shirt kept referring to me as Mick Jagger, and on our eventual departure said very jovially “Ciao Mick!” Could you imagine having to open your parcel for inspection in England? What would the liberals make of that??! I suspect, but don’t know, that it’s to do with foreign money being sent in, the Argentinian Peso being a closed currency. But, each and every person we had to deal with was happy, smiling and helpful which was just so refreshing. We love Buenos Aires!!!!
All that hard work necessitated an afternoon’s snoozing at the apartment pool. And very nice it was too. We also looked in (note, not used) the gym on the 31st floor and the jacuzzis on the 32nd floor. Stunning views all over BA. Where did our lives go wrong????!!!!!
Eventually, it was time to head off for my 7pm dentist appointment. Now, I hate dentists, and I have terrible teeth, not something I’m proud of. So it is always with heavy heart that I go to the dentist. However…… I have just spent my Friday night with Carolina and Veronica, the two most beautiful dentists in the world! And sisters too! They speak really good English, so specialise in treating tourists. Their reviews on FaceBook and Google are fantastic and I now know why! And they are just so lovely! Have a look at likeyourdentist on Facebook! They take photos of all their tourist clients and put them on there! Just absolutely brilliant! I will be using them all the time in future, because not only are they incredibly nice people, but they also have done a superb job rebuilding my tooth to better than it’s ever been! And it’ll be a good excuse to come back to BA twice a year! But seriously, thank you Carolina and Veronica. You are wonderful ladies!
Carolina also made me go to the pharmacy straight after to buy a gum shield to wear at night as I grind my teeth!!! And ironically, this pharmacy also had a supply of tampons in stock! The only ones we’ve seen in this great city! And after all today’s rigmarole!
We didn’t get back to the apartment til after 9, so it’s just a chilled night on the balcony now with a few beers. A great day!
In view of 5 weeks solid travelling coming up on Sunday, tomorrow has been declared a day of rest at the pool……


Charlotte, having totally forgotten what work is….


Charlotte working hard in our lovely pool


Team Dentist! Veronica on my right, Carolina on my left! Brilliant!


Litre bottles of Palermo tonight, brewed a block away from us. Very very nice!

5 thoughts on “The World’s Most Beautiful Dentists!!!

  1. Can’t believe you had to pay even more money to receive your parcel they are now officially the most expensive tampons in the world !! When I posted they had to see what I was posting and write on the label as don’t accept a lot of items into BA !! Well at least you can refrain from the alternative method !! Xx


  2. Hey Charlotte! Am enjoying the takes of your escapades. What you need is someone to send you a Mooncup: takes up no space, reusable for months on end, and green into the bargain. I could oblige if you’re interested! Mary


    • Hi Mary how are you? Yes o dos look into one of those….. Still considering! Thank you….. Now have enough tampons for several months…. Might sell them on the black market! Like to see the response from the customs man to a mooncup!!! X


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