Nasty business in darkest Peru…..

After a day’s travelling, within 2hrs of landing in Lima, I had my iPhone stolen out of my front thigh pocket in a busy tourist attraction. So, what with cloned card, broken camera, broken tooth and now this, it’s been a bit of a troublesome week! But never mind, no one is hurt, and we’ll manage without. Still got my iPad! (Famous last words……)

For those of you at my work, there was nothing sensitive on the phone, nor work related numbers. Some personal numbers though, so if any of you get a call from Peru please pass on my regards….. I have set the phone to erase itself should it be connected to the Internet.

It also means I won’t be able to What’s App anyone at the moment, though I may be able to use Charlotte’s phone once I transfer the contacts over.

Such is life!

Apart from that Lima is brilliant! Carry on! We’re British don’t you know??!!

New beer while sorting iPhone problems out!

New beer while sorting iPhone problems out!

2 thoughts on “Nasty business in darkest Peru…..

  1. Oh god, sorry to hear about your phone situation- that’s horrible!! I feel your pain as I NEARLY lost my iPad and laptop yesterday but was very very lucky to get it back!!

    Enjoyed catching up on your past couple of blogs, glad you’re having a great time still after a few mishaps! Loved the guy from “Up” in your hotel!

    Do you have tiger balm to keep the mozzies away?! If not, invest in some quickly, seems to be working a charm!

    Gap yah-ers are vile. Confirmed. And yes I can still say that at 24!! I love how everyone says you meet some great people traveling and forgets to mention that you will also meet hundreds of awful, AWFUL people too!!!

    Love to you both (and go grab the tiger balm!!!) xxx


  2. unbelievable, Aaron is going to Peru for a month in July, so any tips would be useful, best keep everything in your undies !, take care folks



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