Down with the kids…..

Another very pleasant coach journey in luxury seats! Hot food served as soon as we set off! The only downside was the films we were forced to watch at ear splitting volume – Into The Storm, and Hercules  I found myself happily plugging into a playlist of Chicago blues just to block out the films. And then Transformers 4 started but luckily we’d arrived at our destination- beautiful Paracas. We’re in the children’s hostel, Kokopelli, on the beach and it’s lovely! And beer is cheap! £2.50 for two 650ml bottles, so I’m happily settled in! Of course none of the kids have spoken to us yet, but when they see my dancing at the discotheque later, they’re bound to be impressed…..

Not much more to say today, other than we’re completely chilled and it’s beautiful weather! Nice!

Charlotte has just said that she could imagine the Inbetweeners walking in now!

Tomorrow, we’re off to see penguins, flamingoes and sea lions!



We’ve finally succumbed to wristbands at this hostel. I think it takes 25 years off me?


Excellent beer of the day!


The bar. Very quiet, but the kids’ll be out later when we’re in bed…


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