Life in the El Pingo Nightclub

We’ve reached Paracas and the Kokopelli Hostel which is very nice! Paracas is a small tourist village on the beach on the edge of the National Park. We took a boat trip in the morning to a nearby island renowned for its animal life. Sailing through the thick mist we eventually arrived (I’m convinced the driver got lost at several points). No one is allowed on the island, Balletas, but we sailed right up to its cliffs where we were lucky enough to see hundreds of sea lions on the rocks, more boobies than I’ve ever seen in my life (including the time at work where me and Tony had to watch over 300 porn films for “evidence”) and a group of penguins. The small group of penguins were sorry looking things. We were assured that there were thousands more of them, but out of sight behind the cliff tops. So I imagine the seen like this – Picture the setting, El Pingo nightclub, infamous dive among penguin folklore, situated on the cliff top. The room is dark, James Brown is playing over the speakers. Penguins are seated at tables and at the bar, many with spliffs in hand (flipper?), all drinking whisky and Cristal beer. Various lady penguins are pole dancing, barely dressed. Enter the Chief Penguin of Tourism, who proceeds to carry out a roll call “Peter?” “Here” “Percy?” “Here” “Patrick?” “Here” “Penny?” “Here” “Pierre?” “Here” “Right, you lot are on tourist duty for the day” (Sounds of jeering, whistling, catcalls and raspberries from the other penguins, relieved at not having been chosen, and therefore able to spend a whole day in the bar getting wasted) “Straight down to the cliffs with you, and do something interesting and exciting” “Oh bloody hell” moaned Percy “if I have to do that sodding Happy Feet dance once more I’ll go mad”. Percy trundles out, only stopping to shout at Priscilla “Remember, you owe me a lap dance! And 20 Rothmans!” Honest. That’s what happens. The afternoon saw us on a tour on land in the nature reserve, which again was incredibly scenic. A beautiful place. I had never known how rich Peru was in wildlife and how highly important it is to the balance of the world in general. There was a quote from David Bellamy in the tourist centre saying how Peru is currently the most critical conservation area in the whole world. Having returned to the hostel at about 3, it was definitely beer and pool time. We soon got chatting to Roger from Holland, and Heidi and Adam from America. Roger was 27, and a Dutch policeman. He was travelling around South America for 4 months (unpaid leave) on his motorbike. A really nice person, who’s philosophy was that he needed to do this every two years to recharge his mind after dealing with scum all the time. I completely get where he’s coming from and totally agree. He said it always enabled him to go back to work as a better person. A top lad. And Heidi 26, and Adam 35, were great too, especially when taking into account that they were American! They worked in a restaurant called Nancys in Martha’s Vineyard. Adam, the head waiter there for the past 15 years explained to me how they only earned $2 an hour, but could make up to $1000 a DAY in tips! Crikey! They worked 7 months a year, then the restaurant closes for 5 months in winter, and off they go travelling. Again, lovely people with a great attitude about life. So, one beer led to another and another….. And I found I was unable to do a blog last night as I couldn’t really see the screen! Brilliant night!

This morning we moved on to Nazca, famous for the Nazca Lines – the enormous drawings etched into the desert. They’re best viewed from above, but we’ve opted not to take a flight due to the horrendous death rate in recent years….. We’re in a nice B and B, where we’ve just been talking to a couple from Northallerton! A small world! Bizarrely, in our (shared) bathroom I found a pair of white boxer shorts. This wouldn’t be so strange really, but weirdly yesterday we were told of this happening to two other couples in separate locations. Maybe it’s an ancient Inca custom? “Gabriela!! Have you cleaned the bathroom?” “Yes Carlos!” “Did you put new toilet roll in?” “Yes, Carlos!” “Fresh soap?” “Yes Carlos Yes!” “And have you left a pair of my old boxer shorts on the floor?” Yes Carlos, of course I bloody have!” Ah, cultures of the world……


Charlotte and her new bible, How To Stay Safe In An Earthquake


Our new franchise in Lima, selling tampons as we have so many of them now….


Wrist bands! We are the kids!


A pelican modelling Aidy’s stomach


A new beer and a new beer size


“Percy, put your fag out! The tourists are coming! Right everybody, after 3, Happy Feet!!!”


Seamus was very proud of his new Falcon car


Another outlet we own in Santiago airport

2 thoughts on “Life in the El Pingo Nightclub

  1. Well you think its funny staying up all night drinking while I stayed up waiting for my blog, where’s your professionalism, your grounded, few weeks away and you think you can do what you like.




    • Surely after working with me, in fact supervising me, you would realise that there is not an ounce of professionalism in my body! However, I will pull myself together and try harder in future! Early warning though, on a bus all night tonight so no bloggage happening!! 😀


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