Warning- juvenile humour photo below

So, I take one night off the blog to do some international relationship building (i.e. serious drinking) and DCI Fincham accuses me of lack of professionalism! And this from an ex supervisor of mine who should know that professionalism is at the very bottom of my list of priorities! Anyway, even though we’re taking a 10hr bus at 10pm tonight to Arequipa, I am selflessly taking time to scribble just a few lines! Finch, can I come off weekly reports now?
5.30 am was the signal for a cacophony of noise near the hostel. Firstly I was rudely awoken by a large cock. Crowing. Then the animals joined in, and the rest of the birds. Every car in town was hooting their horn, and just when I thought a marching band may come past, someone cranked up a large car stereo down the street with booming bass. It was as if someone had put on an old BBC Sound Effects album – “Noises that will really annoy you and prevent you from ever sleeping”.
At breakfast, a Dutch couple very kindly offered to take us to the cemetary about 20km out of town. This was where burial tombs had been uncovered from nearly 2000 years ago. Incredibly, due to the dry heat of this area, the skeletons, hair and clothing were superbly preserved. All of them were facing exactly due east for the sunrise, and buried with ceramic belongings and trinkets. It really was fascinating, if not a little eerie.
The Dutch couple, probably in their late 50s or early 60s had been living in Columbia and Ecuador for the past 26 years. Now semi retired, and rich, they enjoy life by travelling. Very nice! And very very nice people!
Onwards to Arequipa, which is a mile higher than where we are now. Up up into the mountains! Brilliant!

Funnily enough, after writing the above I lost Internet signal, so last night’s post didn’t go on! I will be in trouble! So we’ve arrived at Arequipa, at 2300m, and it’s beautiful! A large town surrounded by mountains.
We leave here at 0300hrs tomorrow morning for a 3 day trip to Colca Canyon, twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. It’s more than likely there won’t be any posts during that time, so bear with!!!
Finally, I have identified a new length of time – where we have days, hours, minutes and seconds, I’m going to call this time period “the horn”. It’s approximately 1/12000th of a second, and is the time taken between traffic lights changing from red to green before the entire line of traffic start hooting at the lead vehicle. Not that they’re impatient…..
Cheers everybody! Time for breakfast now!




The crew of 47 after enduring 3hrs without a curry. They just wasted away.


Charlotte. Fanny. Tuna. Because I have the mental age of a 12 year old, I find this very very funny. There are so many captions I came up with, but none seemed really suitable for family viewing. I’ll let you make up your own…..


Unfortunately for Peru, back in the 1950s, Costello and McGaughran Builders (Gringo Division) won the government contract to rebuild the country. As usual, they built a very shoddy first floor then buggered off with the profits, investing them in potatoes. This is why most of Peru looks like this.


At least they finished the Greggs bakery. Guinea Pig Bake is their best seller


On the road approaching Areqipa. Very pleasant.


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