Getting higher……

Peru is officially brilliant. The scenery is constantly changing, and the people are wonderful. We’ve walked around Arequipa this afternoon, had a two course meal with drink for £3 each, and bought another camera! The camera, another Canon, was expensive, but as we’re going for 3 days trekking now we really needed one.
So tomorrow we leave at 3am, and drive to almost 5000 metres, which will be the highest I’ve ever been (physically at least). In view of that, we’re drinking coca leaf tea because (a) it’s supposed to help with the altitude and (b) I’m hoping it may also have slight drug like effects. Well, mainly (b) then. I’m also having a beer with it, whereas Charlotte is being very good and refraining from alcohol. Mind you, I wake up breathless at sea level, so god knows how I’ll get on.
Nothing more to add really, and we’re going to bed now as we are up at half 2, so boringly I’ll just leave you with a run down of tomorrow’s itinerary!
(Note the recent earthquakes, Charlotte will be in panic mode)
Doubt if we’ll have internet access for a few days, but you never know…..

Hello Paul & Charlotte,

There has been earthquakes recently which makes the zone where the Colca Canyon tour is offered unsafe. For this reason some treks have been cancelled, however for your tour there will just be some slight changes. Please review the itinerary posted below and let us know if you are fine with the new schedule.

DAY 1: The pick you up early in the morning at 03:15 am and you will travel from Arequipa to Cabanaconde in a touristic bus. After two hours driving, we will have the opportunity to see the sunrise on the mountains. The highest point on our trip is in a place called Patapampa which is located at 4,950 meters above sea level.We will descend 30 kilometers in order to arrive to Chivay in order to have breakfast. After breakfast we will continue with our trip to Colca Canyon and on the way we are going to see the beautiful landscapes of Colca Valley.After an hour trip we will arrive to the Condor Cross approximately at 08:30 am and there we will have one hour to see the Andean condor .The trip continues to Cabanaconde which is 30 minutes away from the Condor Cross. after lunch you will continue our trip 11 kilometer hiking nice viewpoint along the way is a complete different from the condor cross, descending until LLAHUAR LOGE you have the rest, relaxes and enjoyed in the hot spring, free afternoon to explore and fishing in the river and the surrounding of the area. At night we will have dinner together, sat around a fire and enjoying the contact with nature.
DAY 2: Good Morning Colca Canyon! Breakfast is at 06:30 in the morning and at 07:00 we will depart to Paclla , apacheta . The main activity is fruit cultivation and agriculture so after 4 hours we will arrive to Oasis located in Sangalle area.We spend the night in a lodge which is one of the best in the area and we can enjoy the accommodations of the lodge such as the swimming pool there, etc.Lunch will be at 01:00 pm and dinner is at 06:30pm.

DAY 3: Wake up early in the morning (04:30 am) and the walk back to Cabanaconde starts at 05:00 am before the sunrise in order to avoid strong dehydration. The walk is uphill and it will take us approximately 4 hours to arrive to Cabanaconde and breakfast will be provided there.The touristic bus will depart from Cabanaconde at 10:00 am and it will take us to Chivay. On the way the bus will stop in Antahuilque where the views of the pre Inca terraces are incredible.After that we go directly to Chivay in order to enjoy the healing properties of the hot springs in Chivay. After one hour we come back to Chivay in order to have lunch.Afterwards we continue with our trip back to Arequipa and on the way we will stop to see the Andean cameloids (lamas, alpacas, vicuñas) in the National Reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca. The arrival to Arequipa is approximately at 17.30 to 18:00 hours.



The beautiful cathedral at Arequipa


Two new beers, and 2 cups of coca tea


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