Guinness at last!!!!

Long distance buses in South America are fantastic. Proper luxury. But I’m always amazed at the amount of security you have to go through just to get on them. Generally we have to show our tickets and passports to at least 36 people before getting on the bus. Last night we even had to pay 40p tax each just to leave the bus station! And then, once you’re on the bus, before it sets off, a man comes round and videos every one in their seats. Why, I’m not sure? Is it in case we all die a horrendous death (highly likely the way everyone drives here)? Maybe the driver just has a very specific fetish and uploads all the videos to Next time I’m going to make sure I’m picking my nose when he comes round.
The journey was 10 hrs long, not bad by our standards. In our VIP seats we have personal TVs with a choice of films, so I watched The Monuments Men (fortunately in English) before drifting off. At some point in the journey we must have gone to a really high altitude as both of us were struggling for breath! (Maybe the website is actually, a new take on snuff movies?). We arrived in Cusco at about 7am and taxied straight to our hostel where we were able to check in early, then sleep til midday!
The afternoon was spent sightseeing, and Cusco is another amazing place! The old part of town is magnificently preserved, and it was lovely to sit on the balcony of a cafe with lunch overlooking the main square. Beautiful! We took a bus tour (we love our bus tours, and this one didn’t disappoint! The Beatles played by pan pipes!) this was followed by a trip to Paddy’s Bar in the main square, the highest Irish Bar in the world! My Guinness came out of a can, but it went down a treat! My first Guinness since setting off! Mind you, at £4 a can I won’t be going back…..
Cusco has so many outdoor shops, and we’re suckers for outdoor shops, so I now have a nice new pair of North Face trousers! You can never have enough! (Isn’t that right Shelley?!)
We’re currently at 3400m altitude. Now, I’ve read that altitude can have an effect on dentistry, but I was more than mildly surprised to discover that when I sneezed my new front tooth popped out!!! Well, it was bound to happen, as I haven’t visited a dentist in Peru yet…. My first plan is to buy some Poly Dent and glue it back in! This is a new low in my life, as my body accelerates its descent into old age! Charlotte thinks it’s very funny! To counter act this depressing state I’m going to dye my hair blonde! (This is about my 8th midlife crisis reaction!) at the very least it’ll provide some amusing pictures for you chaps!

Charlotte is drip feeding coca tea to cope with the altitude, while I scoff coca leaves by the ton, well, just because I can!
Up at 5am tomorrow for our two day trip to Machu Picchu! So no more blogs til Sunday at the earliest!
Adios chicos!



Police hats in Arequipa are so much better than ours


Cusco, early this morning from our terrace


Culture (police officers can ignore this)


Guess which one I went for?????


The cathedral in the main square


High above Cusco


Nothing to add to this!


Mmmmmmmm. Canned, but it’ll do for now!


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