Peaceful in La Paz….

Election Day in La Paz was fantastic! The roads, normally absolutely ram packed with buses, taxis,cars and lorries were silent! No traffic allowed save for a few official taxis and cars. A beautiful blue sky saw us walking a lot today. Firstly we climbed up to the Killi Killi viewpoint high above the city. The view was staggering, especially with Illimani Mountain in the background,at 6438m a mile higher than Mont Blanc. The snow on the top looked welcoming and I wished I was up there! Mind you, we were struggling with our breath at just under 4000m. We spent a very peaceful hour there just taking in the scenery. Perfect chilling time.
The rest of the day was taken up with more general pottering around, and sitting in San Francisco square people-watching. I suspect there’s more travellers around than normal, as no one has been able to get out of the city this weekend! I hope we can get a bus ticket tomorrow as this is our fifth night in this hotel and we can’t afford many more!
I was once again under the control of the international surveillance team who kept cropping up in all sorts of places. Mainly German and Dutch today. One of them came and sat next to me in the square, and then again in the restaurant! Very close control! But poor technique. They must be on great expenses!
The English Pub was closed today! I hope they didn’t get busted last night! But the lady in the shop still sold me some beer, and the restaurant too seeing as we were sat right at the back and I asked him very nicely. Normal service resumes at midnight tonight!
Not a lot to report today other than as always, it’s been fun!

The mosquito bites I suffered in the jungle the other day are the worst I’ve ever had, and are causing me great irritation. Twenty eight bites on my left calf alone! I’m considering sawing my legs off for some relief!

Some views from today:


Beer of the day! Judas, coming in at a very respectable 7%, £2.20 for a large bottle!

image image image image image image image image imageimage

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