Just lazing around chilling in Chile……

So I went running this morning, the first time for about 4 weeks, and what an absolute joy it was! Five miles of lovely flat terrain, down to the beach, along the Pacific Ocean and back! Despite having spent most of last night with two of my very dear friends (Señor Escudo 5.5% and Señor Marlboro) I ran brilliantly, proving that weeks at high altitude really do work amazingly! So forget the gym, and just move to Bolivia! In fact, if you’re a member at The Academy in Harrogate, it’s probably cheaper to spend a year in South America than a month’s membership there….. Shelley, next time we do two Ultra Marathons in consecutive days, we’re having a month here first! We’ll win! I might even forego the cigarettes, but I can’t promise not to drink 4 pints in between marathons….
It’s just so nice to be in such a lovely hotel! A great breakfast, a good shower, and a comfy bed. These things have become our only needs in life (apart from a good bacon and egg sandwich with Heinz ketchup) so life is pretty simple. I know it’s very clichéd, but we now very much realise how much we’ve complicated our lives back at home, and now living out of one bag just seems the norm. I hope we can continue this way when we get back. But I still miss my Pinarello!!!! That’s certainly a necessity, not a luxury!
New Zealand is looming for us, and it’ll be very sad to leave South America. It’s been great from start to finish and we will definitely return. There’s so much more we still have left to see here.
Charlotte appears to have some sort of mind-affecting illness – she’s talking about handing back some responsibility to me! In fact, she’s suggested that I plan the whole of the NZ route!!! Is she mad???!!!!! So if anyone has some good ideas, please please help me! We start in Auckland, and have a motor home for seven weeks to amble down to Christchurch taking in as many sights as possible. And bars. We think we’ve found a place to buy a couple of off road bikes, and they’ll give us 50% of the money back after 7 weeks, so it’s cheaper than renting.
In my mind I have us like Max and Paddy….
Then Australia after that. It’s bloody expensive there! A week in a hostel in Sydney (3 of us with Josh) is looking like £700!!! So again, any ideas (other than sleeping in the gutter) will be greatly welcomed. We’ll probably look at AirBnB for an apartment, but it’s still the same price. Just remember that we are poor travellers now!!! Perhaps there’s some police enquiries that need doing out there and I could sign on for a month or two???? (Any enquiries need to be bar-based….)
We’re having a relaxing afternoon in the hotel garden, sunbathing and liaising with Señor Escudo again, before we go into the mountains tonight to the Mamalluca Observatory to watch the universe! I’m not too sure the hotel is overjoyed about having my running kit scattered around drying in the sun, but tough!


It’s a hard life, but I’m coping. Just. (Note the Havaianas back in action…..)

7 thoughts on “Just lazing around chilling in Chile……

  1. So, you will soon be off to New Zealand. I could suggest many places but part of your journey is discovering things for yourself – finding those out of the way coves that you have all to yourself or just stopping off somewhere just as the sun is setting.
    However – 90 mile beach, north of Auckland, is a must see – and pick one of the glaciers on the south island and Milford Sound.
    There, that’s it – just remember to book your ferry to the south island in good time.
    David does know someone who lives in Christchurch if you get a bit stuck, but I am sure, with your camper van, you will always find the perfect location.
    Stay happy and keep writing those blogs, they are great.


  2. Have a look at the Kiwi Experience company for their tour routes; they will give you good ideas for NZ! Mum might have already sent you a message re hostels in Oz, but if you need more help let me know! Xxx


  3. Glad to hear it’s all going well Paul . Still following , but you write faster than I can sometimes read . One bit of bad news I,m afraid ……your pinarello wrecked and written off , last weekend , outer circle Regent Park , but brother Dave perfectly fine . Pinarello sadly now looks like a clown bicycle with bits falling off every 5 seconds . All the best to you both .


  4. Hmmm well obviously on reflection even if there,s only a 1% chance that you might have believed me , I must reassure you . Pinarello has been treasured and protected by Dave , who I know has been over the moon each time he,s taken it out . Just 2 weeks now until our own mini adventure on Andros , but just Vauxhall Conference compared to your a Premier league world adventure .


    • I have no doubt that your trip to Andros will be world class and would love to be there with you all!! There’s unlike to be any disasters seeing as I’m not there! From my bedroom window this mornining I’m looking at Aconcagua at 6,960 m. I’m sure that’s within our ability for next year…… Have a great trip Dave, and look after the others!


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