My Hair Causes Concern…..

Our last South American bus trip! And at two hours long it seemed like nothing! (Though I did sleep for most of it). Remarkably, TurBus actually had a bus running, so we finally travelled with them. A 33.3% success rate.
Chile is a total shock to us, far more modern than we expected, and today in the capital, Santiago, it’s almost like being in the west! I still prefer the poor villages and deserts though. Maybe I’ll become a desert dweller??!
The weather is superb – cloudless sky and 30 degrees. Charlotte has excelled with the hostel again, where we have a small apartment next to the pool (though the pool seems to be set at -134 degrees…) and a nice communal area. Good wifi, which is always a bonus! So we’ve Facetimed Mum and Dad, and also caught up with Mr and Mrs Henwood which was very very nice! It’s Charlotte’s last hostel booking until Australia, so I’ll have to find her some other jobs to do. I think she should be the designated driver of the camper van while I sit in the back sampling new beers and concentrating on growing my hair….. There’s also talk of dying my hair an even blonder shade of blonde…..
Tomorrow we start the day with a cycling tour of Santiago for 3 hours. I’ve no doubt that following that we’ll manage to find a bar in a square for some light refreshment…
Charlotte fell asleep by the pool this afternoon and proceeded to snore, fart and burp in her sleep, but she doesn’t believe me….

Charlotte posted a picture of my hair as I came out of the shower onto FaceBook, which seems to have amused a few of you! So for those without FaceBook (and Josh who won’t let us onto his page!) here it is again! Surely on my return there’ll be a job for me in the Special Ops unit????! I could be an ageing hippy!

Finally, I’ve started to think about doing the Christchurch Marathon on 31st May. Charlotte’s not too happy about this, as she thinks my training will take up loads of time, but what she doesn’t realise is that I don’t intend to train! Just do it!! Pah, it’s only a marathon, not an Ultra…..
Again, a day of very little to tell as we’ve just cruised along really. If it continues like this tomorrow I’ll make some stuff up for your literary entertainment! Maybe even a last Paolo and Carlotta in South America…..


You just can’t buy style like this.


Charlotte has opted for the Chilean Cristal….


….whereas in a nod to nostalgia I’ve gone for the Argentinian Quilmes, which in my humble opinion wins the coveted “Rock’s Favourite beer of South America ” award. High praise indeed.


One thought on “My Hair Causes Concern…..

  1. Hi guys, sad news about leaving South America, it all sounds amazing but onto another continent with its own adventures no doubt. Who will replace Paolo and Carlotta?
    Think it’s a great idea for you to do an event. I’m only going to America for 2 weeks and have a half marathon planned. I can understand Charlotte’s point of view though, but think of the medal and tshirt you’ll be able to sport!!
    Take care and keep up the good blog. Jx


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