Confusion At The Doctors’………..

Isn’t sleep nice???? We’ve gone through so many time zones that our bodies don’t know what’s happening, but a good night’s rest seems to have just about sorted us out! And then to wake up to the magnificent smell of sizzling bacon was just perfect! Our long-time craving for bacon and eggs was satisfied (courtesy of Jim of course. It’s a good job Jim works from home, as I don’t think Ange would let him leave the stove long enough to have any other job. When I mentioned this to Ange she told me that Jim cooks all the time as he eats all the time. Therefore he’s cooking for survival).
The weather was beautiful today, and it was so good to be out on the balcony taking in the view. Even The Cow the cow seemed to have a spring in her step, forgetting for a moment of her impending execution…..
Ange and Carly took us for a walk to a nearby lake, crossing the sand dunes first.Carly was our tour guide, and for an 8 year old, let’s just say she can talk…….and talk…….and talk…….And she’s not at all bossy. Honest. Jim took the opportunity to do some work at home to finance the constant feeding situation…..
This afternoon we had to go to a medical centre to visit a doctor to get some repeat prescriptions as in England they would only give us three month’s worth. So, £50 each to see the doctor! But it was almost worth it just for the one moment of slapstick comedy genius, caused by me mis hearing what he said – now, what he actually said was “You might find you have longer reactions”, but i misheard the last word, leaving me thinking “Well, that’s a bit personal! But, still, hey ho…..”. I kept silent. Actually I was pretty much stunned into silence. It wasn’t until afterwards when I said to Charlotte “I can’t believe he said that!” that Charlotte put me right! Thank god I’d made no reply to him! Though he must have been wondering why I was grinning like an inane idiot!
We’re discovering that NZ is actually even more expensive than England, certainly for general household shopping, and I’m surprised about this. It probably seems even worse having come from South America just before. But the lack of density of population is just fantastic, giving people the luxury of space. We’re already loving it here!!!! It’s going to be a great couple couple of months!
Today we’re heading on a boat to Tiritiri Matangi Island which is a huge nature reserve. Carly is coming with us to be our tour guide, and to let Ange and Jim get on with some work! I don’t know who’s more scared – her or us!!! Haha!!!


Crossing the sand dunes



Beautiful place




Carly, Charlotte and Ange standing with the God of the Forest……


……whose bottom was modelled on Charlotte’s!!!


We’re learning all the strange words that the Kiwis have. When I saw this I thought I was being asked to leave my grandparents here. It does in fact mean it’s a place to leave your shopping trolley……

2 thoughts on “Confusion At The Doctors’………..

  1. On a similar mis-hearing note: my dad told us that when visiting My bro Thom’s in laws aunt’s house they were outside on the wooden patio. He remarked on what a nice patio it was and the lady, in deep NZ twang said ” it is certainly an advantage having such a large deck”.


  2. Great to see you have made it safely to NZ. You are staying about ten miles from where my parents live on Don Buck Road, Massey. One of my sisters lives at Te Atatu. My brother and I sometimes run along the coastal path that heads north from the wooden bridge at the entrance to Bethels. Run or walk it’s a great sight.

    You probably have loads of ideas now where to go, but a few recommendations. I would set off heading north along the Kauri Highway through Helensville to Dargaville and staying at Omapere. Brilliant harbour there. You are now in the Far North and might want to go all the way to Cape Reinga. Otherwise it is a good idea to head back through Paihia. One for the tourists, but for good reason and if you follow the coast back through Waipu Cove and Maunganui there are many great beaches with pubs and cafes.

    The Coromandel has to be done as you head south from Auckland. Travel from Thames at least as far as Coromandel township and then over the big hill to Whitianga. You should be able to save money with a bit of free camping around there.

    Once down to Waihi you must head to Tauranga/Mt.Maunganui and camp at the Mount Main Beach campground. Try and park as close to the waves as possible. Enjoy the hot water salt pools next door and walk round the Mount base track (have run it hundreds of times). Other option is to stay at the Papamoa Beach motor camp which should be cheaper and just as close to the surf. I used to live at 670 Papamoa Beach Road.

    If you have loads of time you could drive around the East Cape to Gisborne. That is properly isolated especially at this time of year, but once again you will be able to free camp. Just make sure you have everything you need and enjoy the beaches. Otherwise from Mt.Maunganui it is only fifty miles to Rotorua and fifty more to Taupo. You could actually do the East Cape and head from Gisborne to Wairoa and through Lake Waikaremoana to Rotorua as recommended already.

    After Taupo you could do the Tongariro Crossing. Should be a bit quieter at this time of the year and gives you the chance to walk through an almost extinct volcanoe. You need good footwear for this one and probably warm clothing. It is a brilliant hike. One of Anne’s highlights.

    When you get to the South Island stay at Kaiteriteri near Nelson. There is a campground there directly opposite the beach. This is the entrance to the Abel Tasman National Park with unlimited walking. You can walk out and be returned by taxi boat or take a boat out and walk back. Definitely worth a few days. Anne recommends.

    Driving down the West Coast should give you plenty of experiences and once again places to park up for the night. If you are going all the way try to stop at the Okarito Lagoon south of Hokitika. There is a lovely walk up into the bush with views all the way to Mt.Cook/Aoraki. Wanaka and Queenstown are probably compulsory if you go that far south. Will be getting cold and the skiers will soon be heading that way, but there are loads of adventure activities to be done.

    Anne thinks you should do the Otago Rail trail. It takes about four days from Clyde where you can hire mountain bikes and arrange accommodation and carriage of your bags. You could probably leave the van parked up at the cycle hire depot until you get back. Clyde is about an hour out of Queenstown. I think it might be a bit cold by the time you get there.

    Stewart Island can be a bit crazy if you have the time to go as far south as Bluff/Invercargill, but will take up time that you may not have. Otherwise Christchurch is worth seeing just for the devastation an earthquake can cause, though might be starting to get back on its feet by now. It once was a city with a centre not unlike Leeds.

    I’m sure you will be given heaps of ideas. Anne says whatever you do you can’t go wrong.

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