Just a few photos….

Just a few photos today. Busy planning the grand tour with Max and Paddy!!!



This is my new life motto!!!

image image image image image image image image

One thought on “Just a few photos….

  1. Just caught up on last couple of weeks, great stuff.
    I suspect you’ll become an internet dental sensation in NZ. Toothless Brit with Firestarter hair style .No, ‘style’ is the wrong word, Topiary describes it best.
    Before I forget, I had a KLR650 until some thieving arse removed it from outside my house, Great bike,
    Only one thing could have improved your star-gazing evening – ‘Echoes’ blasting out in surround sound….
    Anyway you can forget all your Rock/Reddiough travel blogs – this is where the real action starts, on Thursday. ‘The Great Andros Trip’. (Three Go Crazy In Greece). We seem to be having trouble locating anywhere that sells camping gas between the airport and the ferry. But not a problem as rioting in Athens only last week offers potential for seizing the odd Molotov. Failing that, the Primark espadrilles that I purchased today (and which strangely seem to be amusing the homophobes in this family) will probably burn very well.
    Anyway no time to write a blog, If I’m fatally bitten by one of the many snakes on the island I’ll leave you a few quid to buy dentures and/or a new liver. Oh, and you can have my Pinarello.
    Right then , I never know whether you read these things or not.
    Enjoy camper-vanning and speak soon.


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