Jimmy Somerville at the Glaciers….

The Roaming Rocks

Tuesday 26th May
Waking up to snow yesterday was fantastic. I’m like a little kid when it comes to snow (Charlotte will tell you I’m like a little kid when it comes to most things!). This is why I need to live in Queenstown!
We headed over Haast Pass which was surprisingly completely devoid of snow. The journey was as always amazing. Our most commonly spoken word seems to be WOW! as we round a corner to be faced with yet another spectacular sight. Why would anyone move from here to England??? Yes, Steve, I mean you!!!!

Haast is a small village on the west coast, and we found a great spot for the night actually on the beach. With very little cloud in the sky and a rough sea it made for compelling viewing. And the beach was strewn with huge timbers, a graveyard for driftwood. It gave us…

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