Jimmy Somerville at the Glaciers….

Tuesday 26th May
Waking up to snow yesterday was fantastic. I’m like a little kid when it comes to snow (Charlotte will tell you I’m like a little kid when it comes to most things!). This is why I need to live in Queenstown!
We headed over Haast Pass which was surprisingly completely devoid of snow. The journey was as always amazing. Our most commonly spoken word seems to be WOW! as we round a corner to be faced with yet another spectacular sight. Why would anyone move from here to England??? Yes, Steve, I mean you!!!!

image image image image
Haast is a small village on the west coast, and we found a great spot for the night actually on the beach. With very little cloud in the sky and a rough sea it made for compelling viewing. And the beach was strewn with huge timbers, a graveyard for driftwood. It gave us a great sunset (another 8 million photos…) and a very peaceful isolated evening. And free too! In fact yesterday was our cheapest day yet in NZ with an outlay of just £4! Now we only need to do that for another 100 days to get back within budget…..

image image image image image image
This morning we’ve driven to Fox Glacier in beautiful weather. Though very cold, there is hardly a cloud in the sky. We walked up to the glacier itself, and were pleasantly surprised and impressed by it. We were able to get within 200m of it, when only 2 weeks ago the view point had been at 600m because of the foul weather. Our decision to do the east coast first has really paid off. The very worrying thing is how far it has receded in recent years, and how much that process has accelerated in the past two years alone. However, it was still an inspiring view.
We’ve booked into a nice camp site here in Fox Glacier tonight, with a view of Mt Tasman and Mt Cook. We’re the only people here so far!! It’s nice to come to a proper site every now and again if only to have a very long, very hot shower! And this shower block has underfloor heating! A proper luxury! And electricity for the van which means we can keep the heater on all night without wasting gas! So after grooming ourselves, it’s time to wander into town for a little beer while we ponder the question – “Will our budget stretch to a helicopter flight over the glaciers??” The true answer is undoubtedly No, but when has that ever stopped us…..

image image image image image image image image

My my hair seems to be causing much consternation to everyone! I hope you realise that it’s nothing to do with vanity, in fact the complete opposite as I don’t really mind how ridiculous I look! So next, after Nordic Blonde, we’ll be trying Platinum Blonde……. Charlotte has cruelly compared me to Jimmy Somerville and The Milky Bar Kid! Outrageous! I mean, it’s not as if I abuse her in any way…..


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