North? South?? Which way are we going?????

Friday 29th May
A complete change of plan today!!! We headed off north as intended and went to see the Pancake Rocks and Blowholes (?). This coastal road has been voted in the Top 10 drives in the world, and of course, it was fantastic. We were then supposed to head over Arthurs Pass back towards the east coast, but a sudden change of heart saw us driving back down south again! Couldn’t bear to leave the mountains and the west coast! So with only one week to go, we’re going to head to Christchurch back via Wanaka, and another visit to Mt Cook, to do the Hooker Valley Trek. The long way round! Which means we’re back in Fox Glacier this afternoon, with an extended stay at The White Pub for fish and chips! Weather is closing in around us, and there’s a severe weather warning for tomorrow with about 15cm of rain forecast, but all is well at the moment with the Milky Way still blazing away above us.
This place is great! Back in our favourite paying camp site at the foot of Fox Glacier.
I’ve been reading some of the early blogs today, when they used to be amusing. So I’m going to have to make an extra attempt to find that comedy gene once more. But it’s all too laid back here to do anything but relax! I will try harder soon!
If by any chance the USA were ever thinking of invading China, I think now would be a good time, as the entire population of China seem to be on holiday in New Zealand. Bloody millions of them! All driving huge motor homes, and we’re constantly being told to avoid them as supposedly they’re the worst drivers ever! We’ve heard stories of locals confiscating their keys off them to prevent them crashing any more! However, as always, we’ve only come across friendliness and niceness. It must be a sign of the massively increased wealth in China?


Postman Pat, alive and well in New Zealand!


Always, driving, always at work…..


The cows were all heading to a massive rave…. Just imagine, cows off their heads on E , tranced out to Fat Boy Slim….


I hereby name this river…..


Beer of the Day! Couldn’t resist Valkyrie Frigg! Great name! And haven’t been able to get Ride of the Valkyries out of my head since the helicopter flight! Why on earth would you name a beer Frigg????

image image image image image image

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