Cool Metallic Blonde…..

Saturday 30th May
Bit of a long drive today from Fox to Wanaka (including a stop at Haast for Charlotte to make bacon, sausage and egg sandwich), much of it done in heavy rain (the drive, not the sandwich), so I’ll just bore you with a few random things –
We have a lot of time to spare, what with not working and plenty of driving, so we have to amuse ourselves somehow. In the evenings we’ve watched a superb series that we downloaded from Amazon – Gomorra, an Italian subtitled Mafia program. 12 episodes, absolutely fantastic, highly recommended to you all. We’re now eagerly awaiting for season 2 to appear!
Whilst driving we often listen to things we’ve downloaded, and the mornings are always good for a Chris Evans radio show. The Radio 4 Friday night comedy series with Sandy Toksvig are also very funny. A podcast called The Serial about a true murder case in America has us riveted (thanks for that, Sam). I managed to sneak on Clair Balding’s Rambling In The Dales this morning, but Charlotte cottoned on after 3 minutes (it was the point where Clair was giving out the OS map coordinates!) and vetoed it!
Lots of music too, and today has been Mumford and Sons, Superheavy (bloody fantastic, Mick Jagger at his best) and Pink Floyd. Paul Simon’s Graceland is featuring a lot too.
We’re both still reading a lot too. I’ve just finished Irvine Welsh’s latest two books (sex, drugs and Scottish dialect) and am half way through Whisperin Bob Harris’ autobiography, which has a great section about my all time favourite band, Wally (from Harrogate, 1970s).
I know this sounds very very mundane, but one of the things I said back in January was how we were both looking forward to having time to relax and chill, and it’s absolutely brilliant!
Anyway, we arrived in Wanaka just after lunch, and have booked into a nice site (electricity = warmth!). Having put the laundry on we had an hour to kill, so what better way of doing that than dyeing my hair “cool metallic blonde”! Haha! Dolph Lundgren!!! (Obviously you may have to use your imagination a bit ……) Followed by a nice walk into town and and a few beers at a great bar. It’s just like being in a European ski resort! Bloody love it!
Charlotte just keeps laughing every time she looks at me (no change from normal then) but this time it’s because of the hair. And I know if I saw a 45 year old paunchy bloke walking though town with very obviously dyed blonde hair that my initial reaction would be “Knob head”, but never mind!
We’ve just FaceTimed Bruce in Thailand, and his first words were “bloody hell have you dyed your hair again?”!
Next time, it’s going to be electric blue…..


Charlotte was very proud to have a bridge named after her…


CROP thermal underwear!!! Now, I really can’t imagine a situation where I have to be in my underwear AND camouflaged! Maybe Andy Gray can tell me better????

image image image image

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