A Visit To The Dentist (Episode 3!)

Saturday 6th June

D Day. My brother’s 153rd birthday. And another day in Christchurch for us. And it started badly, at breakfast, when we had another dental emergency, and this time not me! Cha! A broken tooth! Bloody crusty bread strikes again! Honestly, crusty bread should be banned, as it’s costing us a fortune in dentist fees.
And the other problem we’d forgotten about was that we’re flying tomorrow and we need to print our plane tickets. But getting tickets printed here proved worse than in South America! We found a place online that was 2 miles walk away, so we did it…. Palms shopping centre – probably the most modern place we’ve seen in NZ!

It seems I was wrong yesterday- we had the van for 7 weeks, not 6 as I said. And we drove 5000 miles! 8000 km!
Our hotel is fantastic. Pomeroys. And its adjacent pub is superb, but very expensive! They have our very favourite NZ drink on draught, Three Boys Oyster Stout, but it’s bloody £6 a pint!!! And dangerously, because we’re guests, they gave us a card to buy all the food and drink and pay later. Oh dear. Send more money…..


A small snack of pork crackling, and cheeses! Just to put us on a while….


A poor photo of the brilliant beer menu at Pomeroys


Definitely our favourite beer in NZ!!

Monday 8th June

More terrible news from England where another old school friend has passed away unexpectedly. Poor old Gary Burgess, one of the funniest guys there was. That’s two now since we’ve been away. Very very sad.
Back in Auckland having flown in yesterday. And lovely warm weather again at last! So we’re back in the luxury that is Jim and Angela’s house and having a well deserved rest. Frighteningly, the company who hired us the camper van, Wilderness, have asked if they can put our blog on their website! I’ve said yes, but am now worried about exactly how many people or nationalities I might have abused…..


Very proud to see an area of Auckland named after Mr Ronnie Parnell


The Sky Tower. You can bungy jump off the top. Well, you can, but I’m certainly not!


O’Hagans bar (again), Guinness (again) and sun (again)


A beautiful day in Auckland


It’s been a while since I’ve had this many birds chasing me, but I’ve obviously still got it…..

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