A Night On The Town….

Saturday 13th JuneYesterday, Friday, was our last day at Jim and Ange’s, so it was sad to be leaving. They’ve put up with us, chauffeured us, fed us and entertained us for almost two weeks now, so Ange, Jim, Jade and Carly, thank you so much! We’ve loved it! Hope to see you again sometime soon, somewhere…..

We took the train into Auckland City. Despite it being a distance of only a few miles, the train takes about 6 days to get there, so it gave me chance to finish my current book, The First Fifteen Lives Of Harry August – another brilliantly un-put-downable (?) book. Prior to that I’d read The World According To Garp – again, superb. Is it possible to get a job as a professional reader???

Once in Auckland we settled into our hotel for the night, The Shakespeare, with its own brewery. We’d arranged to meet Ewan there. Ewan is British but works as a cop in New Zealand. He used to work with my brother at Operation Trident in the Met, but 7 years ago had the good sense to up sticks and transfer to the kiwi force. Dave had put me in touch with him, and we had a top night out!! A great pub crawl visiting some superb bars, resulting in me, Charlotte and Ewan all drinking far too much! We had all types of beers and a proper good laugh! Cheers Ewan! We absolutely loved it! I hope your head wasn’t too bad today!!!

So, today, we made an early check in at the Jet Park hotel near Auckland airport ready for tomorrow’s early flight to Melbourne. We’ve had a bit of a lazy day! I did manage a 7 mile run on the treadmill in the gym though, which gave me chance to listen to the new Muse album, Drones. Yes, it’s their usual excellent standard! On returning to the room I found Charlotte on the bed surrounded by the detritus of cheese, quiche, crisps, dips, sandwiches and pot noodles!!! Had it been a painting of a scene, I’d have entitled it “Gluttony”. I’ll probably end up having to buy an extra seat on the flight tomorrow just so we can fit her arse in……..

Anyway, excited about tomorrow and my first time in Australia! I’m looking forward to some proper stereo typing when I call every one Bruce and Sheila and make frequent comments about the barbie. I also fully expect to see Skippy the Bush Kangaroo most days. 

Just as long as I don’t ever have to drink Fosters lager. It’s the only beer in the world with an alcoholic strength less than water.


Me and Ewan, several pints in…..


a fine selection of Yorkshire beers!!!


and a fine selection of Belgian beers!!


Charlotte and her bed picnic….


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