Farewell New Zealand 😩 Hello Australia!! 😀😎😊😊

Sunday 14th June
So, after 9 weeks in New Zealand, we eventually have to leave. It’s been an absolute revelation for me as I hadn’t really known what to expect, but as you can probably gather, it’s pretty much blown my mind! I think what makes it so great overall is the massively diverse scenery (great beaches, yet stunning mountain ranges constantly close by), the weather (we actually found it very nice, especially for autumn, but I think we’ve been very lucky), and possibly most importantly, the lack of people! By that I mean a country the size of Britain but with less than 5 million inhabitants.
It’s hard to give highlights, but in no particular order I’ll list a few –
The helicopter flight and landing on Franz Josef Glacier
The Penguins at Moeraki
Whale watching at Kaikoura
Solitary camping at so many beaches (Pukeke and Totaranui were my favourites, in fact all of Abel Tasman!)
The incredible beauty of The Mt Cook area
Waking up in the snow at Wanaka!!!!
Tongariro Crossing! What a trek!
Generally, 7 weeks in the camper van having total freedom! Thank You Wilderness!! We couldn’t have asked for better! The Breeze 2 was a very fine home!!
The friendliness of every Kiwi we met!
The peace and quiet!
And Queenstown……. aaaaah, beautiful beautiful Queenstown! Our future home!!!!!
It has been quite amazing, and I would urge everyone to come to New Zealand!

Here’s just a few of my favourites again…






But, onwards we must go. I remember being sad to leave South America too, and really it’s just advancing on to another adventure!
And here we are! Melbourne! On a beautiful cloudless day! My first time in Australia!
First impressions?? Bloody fantastic! (No change there then!!)
We’re staying in a lovely apartment in St Kilda for 8 days, at the junction of Fitzroy and Canterbury for anyone who knows it. Loads of great bars around! Five minutes walk from the sea front, and I can’t wait to go for a run tomorrow morning along the coast!
And the supermarkets are definitely significantly cheaper than in NZ!
Josh, you’re going to love Australia! Only 12 days to go!
Feeling very excited!!!
(Haven’t seen Skippy yet, and no one’s invited me to a barbie, but it’s bound to happen soon…..)

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