Nipple Problems!!!!

Tuesday 16th June
How nice it is to wake up in our lovely apartment! Again, I kicked off the day with a run while Charlotte lazed around. Running’s going well, but once more I’m suffering from joggers nipple! Ouch!!!!! And it’s been embarrassing going into sports shops today asking if they sell Nip Guards (I’ve always bought them on line before). No one sells them. However, I’m going to experiment with corn plasters!! Haha!! I bet Mo Farrah doesn’t have to humiliate himself like this! And I’ve just realised that the park where I’m doing the half marathon on Sunday is where the Melbourne F1 street circuit is. Four bloody laps of it! I hate “laps” races as its just too easy to give up at any time! It was only today as we cycled up past the pit lane building that we realised this was the track.
We’ve done another load of cycling and a huge walk in Melbourne again today. It really is a great place. I’m particularly impressed with the sports facilities available to the public, from the cycle paths to the golf academy. Where we are, at Albert Park, is like a sportsman’s dream. Everything is possible! Love it!
We’re thinking tomorrow is going to be a bit more of a lazier day, just exploring the local area of St Kilda, and maybe sampling the odd beer or two…..
* A minor rant – I’m really pleased to see that during the Half Marathon you are allowed to use headphones to listen to music. Now, this may sound normal to those who don’t do events in the UK, but back at home, generally you are not allowed to listen to music as you run in organised events. Apparently, it’s a matter of health and safety, as you may not hear instructions from the marshals…… God forbid that as a grown adult you might be able to look after yourself…… I despair. As Charlotte keeps saying “Remind me why we live in England???”


Beer of the day! Hollandia! Dutch beer! (It’s on offer….)


It’s that time again…….


On the river bank. Great bars and restaurants here.


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