Piss Poor Pints For Poms

Wednesday 17th June
How nice to have a lazy day!! It’s bloody hard work this travelling lark! Actually, I do remember only a couple of weeks into our trip being astounded by other travellers who were just spending a day lazing in the hostel. What a waste, I thought! But it didn’t take me long to realise that every now and again you need a rest!
We have found that for some bizarre reason here in Melbourne we’re awake before 6 everyday. No idea why. But today we stayed in bed til 11 which was lovely! (I did nip out to the cafe next door for some coffees, and fortunately remembered to get dressed before doing so). And we watched the recent new episode of TFI Friday! What a great show! I’d forgotten how brilliant it was, and was amazed to read that they had made 188 shows back in the good old days. Superb entertainment. I particularly liked Roger Daltry teaming up with Liam Gallagher. I once went to see Roger Daltry at Wembley Stadium – a true legend.
Which brings me on to current music I’m listening to –
Jeff Beck – Live+
Ryan Adams – Heartbreaker
Alabama Shakes – Sound And Colour
Paolo Nuttini – Live At Isle of White

All good stuff.
Still pounding through The Luminaries too, which I’m enjoying far more for having been to Hokitika where it’s set.
Well, we managed to wander out this afternoon to the bohemian area of Acland St in St. Kilda. Very nice too, and we sat at the Abbey Road Bar for a couple of beers.
This leads me on to something terrible, which strikes at the very heart of my whole raison d’être – Australian draught beer of any sort is absolutely crap. I’ve tried lager and pale ale (Fat Yak) and it’s all completely devoid of taste. Yet still £5 a pint!!!! For a country that has an image of being full of macho hardened beer drinkers, then I’m very very disappointed. I suppose it’s only to be expected from a country that produces Fosters (the only beer prescribed by doctors to alcoholics to sober them up, having less flavour and alcohol content than purified water – Brett is the only person I know who actually drinks this stuff!). So it’s bottled beers from any other country from now on. Come on Australia, up your game!!! New Zealand is light years ahead of you (this is a phrase you won’t hear in any other context!)
We had to have some beers this afternoon as it was hair dyeing and cut time, and I need a little help to get me through it. I have to admit though, it was a great idea of mine to bring my own personal hairdresser with me….. If she carries on doing such a good job I may employ her permanently. Until then she remains on a zero hours contract……
Ok, back to being a tourist tomorrow!
Also, currently toying with the idea of getting my eyebrow pierced? Any thoughts??


Beer of the day! Fat Yak! Would rather have drunk yak’s pee…… My personal hairdresser sticks to mulled wine!


Cut and dyed….


Surprised to see that the Golightly Brothers of Blue Team, Andy and Elliott, have branched out into hairdressing. However, I suppose it’ll do better than their previous attempt at a bike hire and maintenance company in South London…. (I still have a great memory of Elliott discovering that the bike had no functioning brakes as he approached a major junction, whilst giving commentary!)


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