A Triathlon of sorts…….

Thursday 19th June
What a day! And not necessarily in a good way!! It started with an early morning get up, so that Charlotte could FaceTime her lovely friends from work on their night out. It’s amazing how happy Charlotte can be at 6.30am! I then headed off for a run on a beautiful sunny morning here in Melbourne, and loved it! BUT…… after 10k and close to home (and I was going on to do more) I realised that the apartment keys I’d set off with were no longer in my pocket!!! Aaaaargh! Our only set of keys! Luckily Charlotte was still in the apartment, so I headed straight back there and confessed. I then set off straight away again, this time on a Boris Bike, and retraced the route. No luck.
This was followed by emails back and forth to the USA where the apartment owner currently is, to arrange another set of keys (which is going to involve lots of money apparently). Spare keys arrived half an hour later (£20 for delivery, cost of new keys and electronic key fob yet to be decided), and then we both set off and walked the route again, looking for those bloody keys!!! Again, no luck. That’s 30km I’ve done today!! And now I’m pretty knackered! My calves are fecked! I remember when I could run 30km very easily only last year! And now I’m a wreck! As I said yesterday, it’s hard work this travelling lark…..
Now seriously thinking about downgrading Sunday’s half marathon to the 10k event…..
Anyway, on the positive side, I have once more had any responsibility stripped from me by Mrs Rock, as I am quite simply not be trusted with anything!!!

Beer has rarely been harder earned.
* General consensus seems to be, Don’t have a piercing. Ok, you, and Charlotte win.


Beers of the day! Trusty English stout!


I always like to watch birds sun bathing….


The steely eye of a parrot in Albert Park


And another!


Not a bad public pool….


Not sure Barnsley has these sort of facilities?

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